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Surf Shops in the Cape Fear Region

Surf shops in the Cape Fear area have included:

Atlantic Surf Shop (?-?)
East Coast Surfboards (1964-1967)
Hunt's Surf Shop (?-?)
Ocean Surf Shop (1966-?)
Bert's Surf Shop (?-?)
Snug Harbor Sports (1974/75 - ?)
America Surfboards (?-?)
Sweetwater Surf Shop (1976 -)
Surf'n Stuff (?-?)
Surf City (1978-)
Hot Wax Surf Shop (1986-)
Aussie Island Surf Shop (1991-)
Pride Surf Shop (2000-2007); moved/renamed 17th St. Surf Shop (2007-)
Greenroom Boardsports (2004-)
Local Call Surf Shop (?-?)
The Cove Surf Shop (?-?)
On Shore Surf Shop (?-?)
Spinnaker Surf and Sport (1988-)
East Coast Surf Shop (2003-)
X-Streme Surf and Skate (?-?)
Island Kite and Surf (?-?)
Green Room Boardsports (2003-)
Seal's Surf Shop (Long Beach, 83-87; Holden Beach, 83-89)
Salty's Surf Shop (?-?)
Mack's Surf Shop (2005 - )
Undertoe Surf Shop (2005 - )
Woody's Surf Shop (2005 - )
Good Sessions Surf Shop (? - ?)

Image of Atlantic Surf Shop.
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