Authority Control


Daily Authority Control
Weekly LC Subject Heading Changes
LCCS Quarterly Bulletin Headings Changes
Failed Subject Searches

Daily Authority Control

We run the headings changes report every working day. 

  • Go into database maintenance.
  • Choose "Report Heading Changes"
  • Run "All Reports" : Excluding records without a catalog date.
  • "Prepare the report"
  • Print the report.
  • Clear the file.
  • Review printed report for name or subject conflicts, investigate and correct problems.
  • Give Duplicate OCLC, Call Numbers, and bar codes to Principal Cataloger, give duplicate patrons to systems.
 Weekly LC Subject Heading Changes

Library of Congress Subject Headings Weekly List 

  • Click on line above to access weekly list from the Library of Congress.
  • Find the next list to be worked and click on that line. Once you have clicked on that particular report, it will no longer be highlighted.
  • Click on print and print report.
  • With report in front of you, take a high lighter and highlight the 150's and the 151's with an *. These are the changes to existing headings.
  • Check Innovative to see if the subject heading exists. If it does make appropriate changes and or corrections.
  • Search OCLC for the new heading and XPO authority.

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LCCS Quarterly Bulletin Headings Changes

Now that we can retrieve and change subject heading changes on a weekly basis, the quarterly bulletin is primarily a final check-up to make sure we didn't miss anything. We occasionally do find changes in the quarterly bulletin that are not reflected in III.

Go to the section in the Quarterly Bulletin that pertains to subject changes. They will be listed in alphabetical order. Start with "A" and call up each subject heading in Innovative. If we do not have that subject in our system, continue on through the list until you come across one that has changed. Make the correction in Innovative either separately or globally depending on how many records there are to be changed and export that authority from OCLC. This will prevent any future old headings from getting into the system because it will show up as an invalid heading in the daily authority and can be corrected immediately.

Subject headings that are being changed from a name heading to a subject heading cannot be done globally due to the fact that the tags will need to be changed.

For example: United States--Manufactures

was changed to

Manufactures--United States.

Because it was changed from a 651 to a 650 it could not be updated globally but had to be done record by record.

There will also be subdivision changes to be made.

For example:

Postage stamps--Flaws

changed to

Postage stamps--Errors.

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Failed Subject Searches

We run the failed subject search every 10 days. This list is printed out and evaluated to identify possible authority enhancements that we can make to the system.

Searches with no direct hits (Subjects): 

  • At the Main Menu type "M" (Management information)
  • Select "A" (Analyze patron searches)
  • Key in your initials:
  • Key in your password:

(Not everyone is authorized to do this search, so if you don't get in, ask Susannah Benedetti to give you authorization to key in.) 

  • At the next prompt hit "I" (Indexes used and search results)
  • Look through list and find subjects (06)-hit 06 (Subjects may not always be 06)
  • At the next prompt hit "A" (Actual searches)
  • Next prompt - hit "N" (Limited to search with no direct hits.)
  • Wait until sorting is completed. Choose "P" (Print)
  • Choose "1" - Attached printer.
  • While list is being printed, you may go ahead and "q" (quit)
  • Quit all the way out.
  • Never, never, never clear search history !

After list is printed, search list for possible conflicts; for example, we often find searches that begin with African American. Many patrons don't realize that the correct subject heading is Afro-American so we have exported all the subject headings that begin with Afro-American into ROCK and then made a cross reference in each authority so that when a patron searches anything that begins with African American, the authority will direct them to Afro-American.