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Does Randall Library Have My Textbook?

Randall Library generally does not purchase textbooks for UNCW classes. However, the library does have some textbooks. There is no textbook section in the library to browse. In order to determine if your textbook is available in the library follow these steps:

  1. Identify the title of the textbook. How? If it is not listed on your course syllabus you may search the UNCW Bookstore Textbook Search.
  2. Once you have identified the title of the textbook, perform a title search in the library catalog. Click here to search by title.
  3. If your textbook is available, you will see it listed in the catalog.
  4. Be sure to note the location of the textbook (e.g. “UNCW General Collection”), the call number (e.g. “LB1028.38 .D53 2001”), and the textbook’s status. If the item is “Available” it is on the shelf.
  5. You may find that your textbook is on Course Reserve. If the location for your textbook is listed as, “UNCW Reserves” the item is available at the Circulation Desk (the desk immediately on your left as you enter the building). You must provide the textbook’s call number to a staff member in order to retrieve the book. Keep in mind that you may have a limited time to check out the item if it is on Reserve.