Randall Explorer: The Stolen Coins

What is this all about?

Welcome to Randall Explorer! This game is designed to show you around the library and its collections, so that when you need to figure out how to find materials, book a study room, or get printing help, you’ll know what to do.

The Story

First, let’s set the scene: you’re all detectives. (Surprise! It’s true.) Someone has stolen a collection of rare coins recovered from a pirate shipwreck in the Cape Fear River. You need more information on these coins to catch the thief if they try to resell them, so you’re headed to the library to do some research.

How this works

You and your team will be following clues to find various places in the library, as well as on the library’s website and in our e-resources. At each spot in your search, you’ll find a mystery-themed icon like the one below, along with a short URL. Navigate to that URL on your phone’s browser and you’ll be given more information about the area you’re in, as well as the clue that will lead you to the next spot.

Once you’ve completed the entire game, you’ll be taken to an online form. Fill out the form to receive your official Randall Explorer completion badge.

Let's Get Started!

We’ve got your first clue right here! In your browser, type the bit.ly URL below and follow the hint into the library to find the next step in the game.

top secret icon with a bitly URL below: bit.ly/2Jyllcu

And that’s it! The end of this tutorial, and the first clue to get you started. When you’re ready to start the Randall Explorer game, just head to the library and follow that first clue.

Getting Help

If you get confused or any part of this isn’t working, please reach out to one of the following people: