In Training: Nursing Education in New Hanover County
 1901 - 1966

Community Hospital School of Nursing

She taught nursing arts…it was a large room…about big as this, might be a little larger. They had beds in there and we gave baths. We learned how to give baths to Miss Chase and put the clothes on and give them bed rub…back rubs…and put their clothes back on…and do enemas…that’s where we learned how to do all that stuff. In nursing arts…enemas…and all patient care we learned that down there before we even went on the floor.

Sara Mack CH '57

It was roommate shared. It was a two-story building with two nurses entering the same time shared a room, rather small quarters, but adequate quarters in my view. It allowed for study and had a laundry room and recreation and all our entertainment room and was always monitored by a housemother. They kept great tabs on the girls (laughter). They did with specific check-in times. We had to be in by a certain time of day, visitors were monitored and so I would imagine that most parents felt comfortable having their daughters there.

Johnnie Sutton Fields CH ‘51

Photographs Courtesy of
Dr. Hubert A. Eaton, Sr. Private Papers

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