In Training: Nursing Education in New Hanover County
 1901 - 1966


So when I was a little girl, I said, “That's what I want to be. I want to be a nurse.” It seemed like it was so glamorous with them going with their white uniforms on ... I said “That's what I want to do.” But then later on, you know, when I was in high school I decided I did want to become a nurse because I enjoy helping people and what not. Helyn Lofton CH ‘66

Our dresses had to be fourteen inches from the floor and the supervisor would…sometimes she’d meet us at the bottom of the stairs and measure each hem, make sure it was long enough.

Ila Cowan Ulmer JWMH ‘30

Well, your graduating uniform was a white; a long white uniform and they were all identical. I think we had three when we graduated and they had long sleeves and cuffs on them. When you graduated your really full uniform, which a few nurses, old nurses wore especially private duties, but generally there was a little thin scarf that you wore around your neck and your pins on it, or James Walker pin.

Helen Murray Bordeaux JWMH ‘55



We had a blue and white striped dress with a white apron and the white cuffs and the cap was white, first the cap was plain. You had to earn stripes. You get one stripe, then two stripes. We definitely had to wear the white shoes and the white stockings.

The main thing I loved about the uniform, we had capes. They were blue with red lining and for some reason when I put on that cape, I just felt, I don't know, I just loved that cape. I just loved the look of it.

Helyn Lofton CH ‘66

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