This collection includes extensive biographical data on the actor, producer, and teacher, Edwin Booth. He was renowned in Europe, and the U.S., [with his brothers Junius and John Wilkes] for his interpretation of Shakespeare's tragedies. Edwin Booth's career spanned from the years 1849, to his last performance as Hamlet at the Academy of Music in 1891, in Brooklyn N.Y.

This collection contains various scrapbooks, theatre collections, stage plans and settings for all plays performed at Booth's Theatre, casts of numerous Shakespearian works, reviews in the Harvard Theatre Collection, and a computer disk containing Booths life and accomplishments in chronological order. 

The items served as research material for a student paper and are photocopies, not originals.

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1833 Nov 13 
Born at Bel Air, Harford County, Maryland, fourth son of Junius Brutus Booth, the elder, and Mary Anne (Holmes) Booth

1849 Sep 10 
Debut appearance on stage at the Boston Museum, played the minor role of Tressel in Richard III at the age of 15

1850 Sep 20 
Debut New York stage appearance at the National Theatre, Chatham Street, in the character of Wilford in Colman's The Iron Chest

Debut as Richard III at the National Theatre, New York City

1852 Nov 30 
Junius Brutus Booth, the elder, died

1855 Dec 10 
Along with Mrs. Catherine Forrest Sinclair, produced for the first time in America The Marble Heart or The Sculptor's Dream, in which Booth created the part of Raphael at the Sacramento Theatre, CA

1860 Jul 7 
Married Mary Devlin of Troy, NY

1861 Dec 9 
Edwina, his only child, was born in England

1863 Feb 21 
Became the manager of the Winter Garden Theatre in New York

1863 - 1868 
Co-managed the Winter Garden Theatre in New York and the Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia along with his brother-in-law, John Sleeper (Sleepy) Clarke

1864 Nov 25 
The Booth brothers, Edwin, Junius and John Wilkes, performed Julius Caesar

1865 - 1866 
Edwin retired from the theatre due to the Lincoln assassination and the death of his brother, John Wilkes Booth

1866 Jan 3 
Edwin returned to acting

1867 Mar 23 
The Winter Garden Theatre burned to the ground

1868 Apr 8 
Cornerstone laid for Booth's Theatre at southeast corner of Sixth Avenue and Twenty Third Street in New York City

1869 Feb 3 
Booth's Theatre opened with Romeo and Juliet

1869 Jun 7 
Married Mary McVicker

1873 Jun 14 
Booth's Theatre closed its' last season

1873 Sep 
Economic panic in America forced Booth into bankruptcy

1871 -1878 
Booth arranged for the publication the text of fifteen of his unusual plays under the editorship of William Winter as Edwin Booth's Prompt Book.

1881 Nov 13 
Mary McVicker Booth died

1883 Dec 31 
The Players Club opened

1891 Apr 4 
Booth's last performance Hamlet at the Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY

1893 Jun 7 
Edwin Booth died in New York City


Xerographic Copy of The Elder and Younger Booth by Asia Booth Clarke [Mrs. John S.].

Copies of Booth's Correspondence and Notes.

Prompt Book: Richard III [2 copies].

Prompt Book: Othello.

Prompt Book: Julius Caesar.

Prompt Book: Romeo and Juliet.

Prompt Book: Hamlet.

Prompt Book: Richelieu.

Prompt Book: Julius Caesar.

Material relating to Edwin Booth as actor, teacher, and owner of Booth's Theatre.

Biographical information, including scrapbook material.

Additional biographical information, including news clippings 1880-1882.

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