The Lee W. Weaver Collection

This collection contains a variety of materials, donated by Lee Weaver, that relate to the European Front of World War II.  Items range from personnel rosters and orders to German books and pamphlets collected during Sgt. Weaver’s service overseas. 

Lee Weaver was born in Elkhart, Indiana on 4 May 1922.  On 14 November 1942, while a student in South Bend, Indiana, Mr. Weaver was called to serve in the United States Army.  After Basic Training, Private Weaver underwent Parachute training with the 101st Airborne.  In October of 1943, Sergeant Weaver arrived in Liverpool, England.  During his tour of duty in Europe, Sgt. Weaver served in England, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, and Austria.  For his service, Sgt. Weaver received several awards, including the Bronze Star, the Combat Infantryman Badge, the Good Conduct Medal, and the Distinguished Unit Badge.  Sgt. Weaver returned to the United States on November 1945.

These papers have been designated Accession number 225 of the Manuscripts Collection, Special Collections Department of the William Madison Randall Library, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, 601 South College Road, Wilmington, North Carolina 28403-3297.

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Manuscripts Collection
William Madison Randall Library
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November 2002


Order to report for induction, 5 November 1942
Memorandum from the Medical Examination and Induction Board, #2, November 1942
Service Record for Lee W. Weaver, 14 November 1942 to 20 November 1945
Letter from 1stLt Henry Gabe listing the awards and decorations given to Sgt. Lee W. Weaver, 25 September 1945

Issue of “Welcome,” 16 October 1943
Sleeping Quarters card with handwritten notes on back, detailing Weaver’s journey from New York to England, 5 September 1943 to 18 October 1943
Mess Card
Small newspaper clipping documenting the capture of Dr. Robert Ley, no date
Combined leave pass and railway ticket issued by the Allied Expeditionary Force, 22 June 1945
Pay record and photo of Weaver, 19 May 1944
Authorization to remain in London until 3 July 1945
Chemical Warfare Pocket Reference Card

Special Orders documenting Weaver’s transfer to the 502nd Parachute Infantry, 15 March 1943
Special Orders detailing transfer and travel arrangements, 18 March 1943
Letter to 502nd Parachute Infantry from the 401st Glider Infantry notifying command of Weaver’s transfer, 11 May 1943
Handwritten note regarding transfer

Letter regarding Weaver’s training at Fort Benning, Georgia, 22 March 1943
Memorandum regarding Weaver’s transfer to Service Company, 502nd Parachute Infantry, 14 December 1943

Furlough documents, 8 February 1944

Special Order regarding the granting of furlough to Weaver and several others soldiers, 13 July 1944
Special Order regarding the awarding of the Combat Infantryman Badge to Sgt. Weaver, 27 July 1944
Special Order designating Pvt 1st class Weaver as an Expert Marksman, 12  August 1943
 Memorandum for Pfc. Weaver to report to Company “I,” 17 August 1943
Special Order appointing Pfc. Weaver a temporary NCO, 21 February 1944

General Orders awarding Battle Honors to the 502nd Infantry, 17 June 1944
Letter regarding Battle Participation Awards for the Germany Campaign (No 1), 24 December 1944
Memorandum regarding transfer of Sgt Weaver from Headquarters Company
3rd Battalion to Company “G,” 16 March 1945
Memorandum attaching Sgt Weaver to Headquarters Company for Special Duty, 9 April 1945
Memorandum amending Sgt Weaver’s transfer to read Company “G,” 10 April 1945
Recommendation for Award or the Bronze Star Medal for Sgt Weaver’s work as Headquarters clerk, 8 May 1945
Notification of award to Sgt Weaver, 25 May 1945
Photocopy of citation
Message from Major General Maxwell D. Taylor one the one year anniversary of D-Day, 6 June 1945

Letter regarding the distribution of commendation for operations at Bastogne, 20 January 1945
Memorandum containing letter from Major General Taylor regarding military operations in Bastogne, 27 January 1945
Letter from Lieutenant Colonel Arthur K. Chapman to Major General Taylor relaying the favorable response of General Patton to soldiers of the 502nd Parachute Infantry in Munich, 13 July 1945
General Orders awarding citations for actions in Bastogne, 7 February 1945

Certificate for jump completion, 17 September 1945
Form B Loading Manifest pertaining to the jump on 17 September 1945
List of Awards and Decorations awarded to Sgt Weaver while a member of the 502nd Parachute Infantry, 25 September 1945

Certificate of Merit awarded to Sergeant Lee W. Weaver
 Letter informing the Commanding General of the 101st Airborne Division of Sgt Weaver’s award, 29 September 1945
Special Orders regarding Sgt Weaver’s transition back to the United States, 11 October 1945

Certificate of Honorable Discharge from the United States Army, 20 November 1945

Separation Qualification Record, 20 November 1945

Picture of General Eisenhower talking with soldiers, copy, no date

Photograph of Sgt Weaver in field uniform, copy, no date
 Photograph of Sgt Weaver in dress uniform, copy, no date
World War II Bonds Application, 30 September 1949
Rezepte zur gelegentlichen Verwendung (Recipes for occasional use), produced by the Deutsches Frauenwerk Kreisstelle Luxemburg, no date

Ratshlaege (Advice), recipes produced by the Deutsches Frauenwerk Gaustelle Moselland, in German, no date
Kochanweisung fur den Verbrauch von Bratlingspulver (Cooking instructions for the use of cooking powder), booklet by the Uberkommando der Wehrmacht, Berlin, 1941
Die Feldkuechengerichte: Nach dem Original-Feldkochbuch des OKW 1941 (Dishes for the field kitchen: After the original field cookbook of the OKW 1941), 1941
Rezeptdienst: herausgeben vom Reichsausschuss fur Volkswirtschaftliche Aufklaerung, Berlin (Recipe service: published by the Reich committee for national economic explanations, Berlin), total of 4 booklets, no dates
Postparbuch and Auswieskarte (Post office pass book and badge), belonged to Willi Froehlin, a butcher in Vienna, Austria, 1942-1943
Wehrpass (soldier’s passport) of a member of the 2nd Infantry First Battalion 216, 27 June 1941 to 11 March 1944
Cherbourg: Wie es geschah (Cherbourg: As it happened), leaflet  describing the Allied landing at Cherbourg as well as a description of events on Germany’s Eastern Front, unknown source, in German, no date
Postcard of Adolf Hitler, printed by the NSDAP, based on the original by Professor von Kursell
Deutsche Reichspost: Spare bei der Deutschen Reichspost (German Reichpost: Save with the German Reichspost), booklet containing information for those using the post service, in German, 1941
Postparbuch (Post office pass book), blank booklet, no date
Pamphlet, Unsere Soldeten koennen Alles, sie sprechen auch sofort etwas Russich! (Our soldiers can do everything, they can also speak something in Russian!)  a guide to basic translations between German and Russian, no date
Language guide distributed to American troops, German, 1943
Language guide distributed to American troops, French, 1943
Booklet on the 101st Airborne Division, no date
“Army Talks,” the story of Airborne troops in Operation Jackson, 17 March 1945

“Screaming Eagle: 101st Airborne Division News Magazine,” 17 September 1945
Newspaper article, “Informal Reception on USS NC Honors French Visitors,” source and date unknown
Booklet, “Special Orders for German-American Relations,” no date, but written while American soldiers were fighting on German soil
Excerpt, “Prayer of the Wartime Lonely,” prayer written from the perspective of a women whose husband has gone off to war, source and date unknown
Card from Mikado Restaurant, 2 March 1944
Line-up and schedule for Oxford University Rugby Club, 1944-1945
Menu and Wine List for Veeraswamy’s Indian Restaurant, with handwritten names and addresses, no date
Pamphlet printed by the Land Salzburg Golf Club Mittersill, no date
Postcards from England
Horse Guards, Whitehall, England
Middle Temple, London
The Tower of London, The Banqueting Hall
The Old Curiosity Shop, Lincoln’s Inn, London
British Museum, London
The Tower of London, Site of Scaffold and St. Peter’s Church
Postcards from Scotland
Princes Street Edinburgh
Glasgow (Art Galleries, Jamaica Bridge, Sculpture Hall, Rouken Glen, Art Galleries at Kelvingrove)
Glasgow, the Broomielaw
Corstorphine Church
Cramond Bridge
Newbattle Abbey
Postcards from Glasgow
11 miniature views, with envelope
Art Galleries, Sauchiehall Street, George V Bridge, Jamaica Bridge, Sauchiehall Street, Union Street, Argyle Street, George Square, Glasgow Cross, Charing Cross
4 New Color-Crayon Post Card Views, reproduced from original drawings by Andrew Allan, with envelope
Glasgow Cross (2), The River Clyde from George V Bridge, Buchanan Street

Postcards from Germany and Switzerland
Feldpost (Field Post cards given to German soldiers) –2
Munich, Hausd er Deutschen Kunst Paul Geissler, die Rheinpfalz bei Kaub
Kommandantur-Kantine auf dem Truppenübungsplatz Bitsch, Switzerland

Postcards from Cherbourg
La nouvelle Gare Maritime et le chenal du port

Vue de la plage
Le statue de Napoléon et la Basilique Sainte-Trinité
Vue sur les bassins et la Gare Maritime
Vue générale sur le port
Environs de Cherbourg. Dans la Hague. Rentrée du canot de sauvetage de Goury
Saint Martin le Gréard. La Maison Pesnel et le Village
Environs de Cherbourg, Saint Martin le Gréard, L’Ecole
Environs de Cherbourg, Saint Martin le Gréard
Bastogne, Avenue Tasiaux, with handwritten notes
Namur, Kursaal et Batean pour Touristes (Ern. Thill, Bruxelles)
unidentified postcard of passenger ship on a river
Collection of five miniature books, all in German
Der Führer und das Winterhilfwerk (The Führer and the winter welfare organization)
Des Führers Kampf in Belgien
(The Führer’s battle in Belgium), 14 May – 4 June 1940
Des Führers Kampf in Norwegen
(The Führer’s battle in Norway), 9 April – 10 June 1940
Des Führers Kampf in Frankreich
(The Führer’s battle in France), 5-25 June 1940
Der Führer macht Geschichte
(The Führer makes history), 1937

Pocket Calendar, 1940, in German
Handwritten message, Reiehhold Josef, 30 April 1943

Ration stamps for meat
Pocket Calendar, 1940, in German, contains handwritten notes as well as information regarding Nazi rank insignia, warning signs, conversion information, maps and a variety of other information

General Orders documenting individuals receiving awards, 10 September 1945
Statement providing supporting data for Sergeant Lee Weaver’s conduct 

General Orders regarding the awarding of the Belgian Fourragere, the Croix de Guerre with palm and the Dutch Orange Lanyard, 30 November 1945

Christmas message to the members of the 101st Airborne, with copy
Personnel Roster with separation information, 2 pages

“The Screamer: 502 Parachute Infantry,” newspaper, 14 September 1945

Newspapers, Cincinnati Times-Star, “Beachheads are Established Soon After Invasion is Begun,” 6 June 1944, reprint

Continental edition of Yank: The Army Weekly, “Battle of Bastogne,” 21 January 1945

The Stars and Stripes, “D-Day + 50, the World Remembers,” 6 June 1994, commemorative edition

De Gelderlander, “Market Garden, 44-94,” 12 September 1994

Large, black and white picture of Hitler, no date

Map, Cherbourg-Valognes, France, 1943

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