MS 311
Frances Guthrie Collection 

Personal collection of Ms. Frances Guthrie. Includes scrapbooks, photographs, and correspondence from time spent in Puerto Rico and Japan working for the United States Department of Defense in the 1940s and 1950s.

This collection was donated to Randall Library by Frances Guthrie's nephews Tom and Bill McMillan.

This collection has been designated Accession Number 310 of the Manuscripts Collections, Special Collections Department, William Madison Randall Library, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, 601 South College Road, Wilmington, North Carolina, 28403-3297   

There are no access restrictions on this collection

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Manuscripts Collection
William Madison Randall Library
The University of North Carolina Wilmington
June 2008 


Book; Directions of Playing “Chinese Game of Four Winds;” no publication information

Book; Hume, Bill and John Annarino. Babysan: A Private Look at the Japanese Occupation. Tokyo: Kasuga Boeki K.K., 1953; assorted Bill Hume clipped comics

Book; Hume, Bill and John Annarino. When We Get Back Home From Japan. Tokyo: Kyoya Co., Ltd., 1953.

Book; Morris, J. Malcolm. The Wise Bamboo. Rutland, Vermont: Charles E. Tuttle Company, 1954.

Book; Murasaki, Shikibu. The Tale of the Genji. Translated by Arthur Waley. Garden City, New York: Doubleday Anchor Books, 1955.; three related clippings

Book; Robinson, B.W.. Hiroshige. New York: Barnes & Noble, Inc., 1963.

Nippon Times, 1949; The Philippines Herald, 1960; Stars and Stripes, n.d.; Far East Stars and Stripes Weekly Review, 1948;

Correspondence, Frances Guthrie and A.S. Guthrie, 1947, 1954

Correspondence, Frances Guthrie and Z. Taylor Bercovitz, 1944-1945

Correspondence, Frances Guthrie and N.C. Elgin, 1948

Correspondence, Frances Guthrie and William G. Livesay, 1942-1948

Correspondence, Frances Guthrie and W.J. Marshall, 1942-1944

Correspondence, Frances Guthrie and W.N. McDonald, 1944-1945

Correspondence, Frances Guthrie and N.F.M. McLundy, 1944

Correspondence, Frances Guthrie and Jun Tsuchiya, Japanese Ambassador, 1961-1962

Correspondence, Frances Guthrie and Walter Dabney Venable

Correspondence, Miscellaneous, 1941-1961

Correspondence,  W.F. Marquat, Major General, U.S. Army, Chief, Economic and Scientific Section, to Shin Sakuma, defense counsel for Toshio Shiratori, criminal suspect on trial before International Tribunal for the Far East; also includes curriculum vitae for Sakuma, typescript, 1952

Diary, Puerto Rico, 1940;
Map, San Juan, Puerto Rico, reproduced by Office of Department Engineer Puerto Rican Department, E.N. Harrity,1940;
Routes of the Famous Flying Clipper Ships: Caribbean Area Pan American Airways System, n.d.

Identification Cards, 1945-1954


Pamphlet, Last Will and Testament of Adolf Hitler, Alias Adolf Schickelgruber, Dated: Very Soon, n.d.    

Pamphlet, Cornerstone Laying of the Central Intelligence Agency Building by the President of the United States, 1959.

Booklet, Corregidor – brief description of the Island of Corregidor, includes history and description of landmarks, typescript, n.d.

A Tale of Taegu, typescript, no bibliographical information

Down in the Valley, take-off of traditional song, retyped with lyrics pertaining to the Philippines, typescript, n.d.

Army Hit Kit of Popular Songs, Issued Monthly by Special Service Division Army Service Forces, U.S. Army, New York: Carl Fischer, Inc., 1943.

Partial clipping from document, refers to courtesies expected of U.S. personnel while in Japan

Photocopy, Special Order from Department of the Air Force, permission granted to Frances Guthrie, GS-13, DAFC, Service and Support Group, Provisional, HQ COMD, USAF, BAFB, D.C., for temporary duty to Manila, P.I., 1966.

Personal Biography, Hans Erik Pringsheim, Jewish-German interned at Koishikawa Camp, Tokyo, 1945, worked as interpreter for the Occupation Forces and later with the Press and Publications Section, Civil Censorship Detachment, GHQ, 1945; Assistant Head of Book Section in the Press, Pictorial, and Broadcast Division, typescript, 1946

            SCAP Directive V-J #11, Subject: Use of Japanese Commodes, typescript

Personal Biography, Chang Lee Wook, Republic of Korea, Ambassador-Designate to the U.S.

Photographs, Antigua (6 prints)

Photographs, Antilles Dept. (38 prints)

Photographs, Army Officers (13 prints)

Photographs, Caribbean (27 prints)

Photographs, Japan - Imperial Reserve Outside Tokyo, Duck Netting (26 prints; 1 duck feather; Pamphlet, Duck-Netting in Imperial Preserve)

Photographs, Japan – Miscellaneous (25 prints)

Photographs – Miscellaneous – Notes on reverse (43 prints)

Photographs - Miscellaneous – No notes on reverse (29 prints)

Photographs – Philippines (5)

Photographs, Puerto Rico (51)

Photographs, St. Croix (3)

Travel Literature/Brochures – General

            Article, “Roomful of Magpies,” about Portugal royal summer residence, unnamed source,             n.d.

Booklet, in honor of the American Delegation to the Dedication of the United States Military Cemetery at Fort William McKinley and of Admiral and Mrs. Raymond A. Spruance, The American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, Inc., and The American Association of the Philippines, Inc., 1960.

Brochure, Macqueripe Beach Hotel, Trinidad

Comic, “One Hundred Degrees and a Tailwind, and you think YOU got Troubles?”

            Drawing, U.S.S. HAMUL AD-20

Illustration, “Philippines – The volcanic peak Mt. Mayon near Legaspi”

Invitation, Officer’s Club, Naval Air Station, San Juan, PR

            Jingle Jolly, song lyrics, typescript, n.d.

 Magazine Clipping, travel articles about Cuba, Trinidad, Haiti, and Jamaica, source          unknown, n.d.

            Map, Nitour Bali Office

Map and Itinerary, Strasbourg Menu, Casa Fundada, Calle de Cuchilleros, 17, Madrid

Menu, Indisch Restaurant Bali, Leidsestraat 95, Amsterdam Postcard, St. Thomas

            Program, Performance of Balinese Dances, On the occasion of the visit of H.E. the          president of the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia to Bali, 1958

 Restaurant Card, Swarte SchaepThe Black Sheep, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sign, Do Not Disturb, written in Arabic, English, French, and German

            “The Barong,” Nitour Bali Office, Denpasar, description of play called The Barong, n.d.      

Travel Literature/Brochures/Theater Programs – Japan

Advertisement, Akari Lamps, n.d.

Booklet, Best Hotels in Japan, Eighth U.S. Army Printing Plant, n.d.

Booklet, Chang Duk Palace and the Secret Garden, Printed by Office of Former Imperial            Household, Seoul, Korea

Booklet, “Happy New Year 1945,” Jack Bolivar, Manager, Jack’s Club, 1945

Booklet, How to See Hokkaido, Japan Travel Bureau, n.d.

            Booklet, The Constitution of Japan, Cabinet Secretariat, n.d.

Booklet, Tour Guide: Tokyo Yokohama Area, Headquarters Eighth Army, Yokohama, Japan, n.d.

Booklet, What’s to see around Kyoto, Official Visitors Liaison Office, HQ I CORPS, APO 301, Kyoto, n.d.

Brochure, Aso Kanko Hotel, Akamizu, Kyushu, n.d.

Brochure, Fujiya Coral Shop, Tokyo, n.d.

Brochure, H. Nishimura’s Lacquer Factory, Okazaki Park, Kyoto, n.d.

Brochure, “The Origin of Okariba Yaki,” Fujino Restaurant, Tokyo, n.d.

Brochure, “The Picture of Nikko Toshogu Shrine, written in Japanese characters, n.d.

Christmas Card, Marunouchi Hotel, Tokyo, n.d.

Clipping, written in Japanese Characters, n.d.

Clipping, “It’s Fun to Know these Facts about Pearls,” unknown source, n.d.

Directory of Service, Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Japan, n.d.

Illustration, “Japan – Samboin Temple Gardens in Kyoto,” n.d.

Illustration, “Night fishing with Cormorants an ancient, colorful custom in the Orient,”         from unknown magazine, n.d.

            Menu, Eighth Army Special Services, blank, n.d.

Postcards, Sado; clipping, “Folk Songs of Sado,” by Ryutaro Hattori, n.d.

Program, Bugaku: Celebrated Music and Dance of the Tang Dynasty, Tokyo Education Center, Imperial Theater, Tokyo, 1947

Program, Bunraku: The Puppet Theater, Lyceum Department Information Section Eighth Army, Imperial Theater, 1949

Program, International Buddhist Association Special Higan Service, Speaker Rev. Y. Fugimoto, September 27, 1949, Tokyo

Program, Kabuki Sukeroku Kanjincho,Tokyo Army Education Center, HQ Eighth Army,  Shinbashi Theater, Kyoto, 1948

Program, Lyceum Festival, Imperial Theater, Tokyo, 1949

Program, Mikado: Comic Opera in Two Acts by Gilbert and Sullivan, Hibiya Public Hall, Imperial Theater, Tokyo, 1949

Program, O Mistress Mine: A New Comedy by Terence Rattigan, American Theater, Far East, Stilwell Theater, Tokyo, 1949

Program, Private Lives by Noel Coward, American Theater, Far East, Stilwell Theater, Tokyo, 1948

Program, Takarazuka Parade, Lyceum Department, Imperial Theater, Tokyo, 1949

Program, Two Takarazuka’s Productions, Army Education Center, Tokyo, 1949

Receipt, Adelphi Hotel, 1959

Seating card, International Military Tribunal, Far East, Court Seating Diagram, n.d.

Text, “Birds of Sorrow,” translated by Meredith Weatherby and Bruce Rogers, typescript, n.d.

Text, The Explanation of the Seven Happy Gods: Sakura Art Store, typescript, n.d.

Text, “Wood-Block Colour Printing,” typescript, n.d.

Wine List, Dai-Iti Hotel Officers Club, Tokyo, Japan

Scrapbook, Japan, 1947-1948

Scrapbook, Japan, 1948-1949
Scrapbook, Japan, 1949-1950
Scrapbook, Japan, 1954

Scrapbook, Japan, 1951-1952
Scrapbook, Japan, 1952-1953

Scrapbook, Puerto Rico, 1941
Scrapbook, Puerto Rico, 1942
Scrapbook, Puerto Rico, 1942

Scrapbook, Puerto Rico, 1943
Scrapbook, Puerto Rico, 1944

Scrapbook, Puerto Rico, Washington, Tokyo, 1945-1947

Miscellaneous, Oversized

            Advertisement, Puerto Rico Illustrado , photograph of July 4th Commemorative March,    photograph by Sgt. Edward N. Stiso, U.S. Signal Corps, written in
            Spanish, 1942

Map, Yokohama

            Photograph, Maiko, Kyoto, Japan

            Photograph, signed, Thomas R. Phillips, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1942

Photograph, Six photographs of the interior, Casa Blanca, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Home of the Commanding General during WWII, Antilles Department, Signal Corps Photo, n.d.

Photograph, Two photographs of the veranda, Casa Blanca, San Juan Puerto Rico, WWII, Antilles Department, Signal Corps Photo, n.d.

Program, Centenario, Republica Dominicana, 1844-27 de Febrero 1944, written in Spanish, 1944

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