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Manuscript Collections Alphabetical List

While the manuscripts, broadsides, leaflets, pamphlets, and personal accounts and letters in the collection focus primarily on the history of Wilmington and the Lower Cape Fear Region, the collections includes materials on both national and international subjects.

Alphabetical Listing



1473 Deed
1898 Wilmington Riot 
1898 Commemoration
20th Century European military maps


Abstract of Votes 1880 North Carolina
Aerial Photographs Army Corp of Engineers, NC 1976, 1978, 1981, 1984
Aerial Photographic Maps 1938-1985
Albert Schweitzer International Prizes, North Carolina Educational, Historical, and Scientific Foundation
Alderman, Dr. Edwin A. University of Virginia photographs
American Council of the Blind
American Legion Scrapbooks 1942 - 1963 
American Philosophical Society Membership Certificate - 1786
Anderson, Ryan.  Wilmington, NC Baseball History
Apple, James L.
"Arming the Eagle" Wilbur D. Jones, Jr.
Armstrong , Thomas J. and Family Private Papers, 1859 - 1885
Army Times 1990's
Arts Council of the Lower Cape Fear Records
Ashe Family
Avery, Johnston and Virginia Hall Private Papers, 1916 - 1976.
Azalea Festival, Wilmington, North Carolina 1955 - 1977.



Bacon, Henry. Letters, 1880-1921
Baldridge, Jane. Personal Papers
Barden Family. Private Papers, 1822-1920, Description
Bartram, Moses. American Philosophical Society
Bell veteran
Bellamy, Ellen Douglas. Journal, 1861-1862
Bellamy, Heywood. New Hanover Public Schools
Bellamy, John D.
Private Papers, 1778 - 1865. Description and Inventory
Bethel, Eloise. Wilmington artist
Betz, Don. Papers
Berkman, Jack. Artist
Biggs, Walter. Papers of UNCW Biology Professor 
Bissette, Samuel D. WWII documents
Bland Family. Family Papers
Blizzard, Herman Rotary Archives
Block Shirt Co. Ledgers
Block, Hannah
Block, Susan Taylor
Booth, Edwin Photocopies 
Brauer, Friedrich Collection 1914-1933
Brauer, Dr. Ralph Werner 1920-2000
Brister, Jane Germany, post WWII memorabilia
Brunswick County court documents
Budnitzky, Vera Lisovkaia memoir
Burgwin Family Private Papers, 1734 - 1967
Burke, James
Burney, John J., Jr. Legislative papers
Burney, John J. Jr. Personal papers
Buttino, Lou. Manuscripts of author and film maker
Byers, Katherine Harriss, Newspaper and Magazine articles of local and national interest



C. A. Brown Lumber Company
Calder Papers, 1838 - 1875
Cameron Family Letters
Cantwell Collection
Carpender, Dame Catherine Personal papers
Civil War (U.S.) Correspondence Prentice Hanson
Civil War (U.S.) C.A. Council Letter 1862
Civil War (U.S.) Gettysburg letter
Civil War (U.S.) High Family Papers, 1861-1865
Civil War (U.S.) Newspapers, 1861-1865
Civil War (U.S.) Newspapers and Magazines, 1862 - 1865.
Civil War Wilmington, North Carolina- Excerpted guide to resources, 1861 - 1865.
Civil War (U.S.) Union Army 8th Regiment roster - in process (1/25/06)
Civil War (U.S.) James R. Womble Letter
Classification for Art Prints, 1970
Clifford, Paul
Colonial Dames, Lord Craven Chapter
Comic Books
Comparative Statement ..., 1868 - 1880
"Complete Book of Terrorism" (unpublished manuscript)
Congressional Papers Alton Lennon
Cooke, Robert
Cooper, Thomas E. Family Papers
Council, Mrs C.A. Letter 1862
Craven County Records, 1724 - 1950.
Crews, J. Marshall From These Beginnings: Wilmington College 1946-1969
Cronly Family Papers, 1888 - 1925.



Darnell, Linda
Davis, Harry L.
Davis, Helen Bayley. Eight books of poetry 1911-1954
Davis, Joseph J. and Family.
Private Papers 1862 - 1894, Description and Inventory
Deas, Dr. Richard
Democratic National Convention 1976
DeRosset, Fannie B. Music Collection, 1882 - 1952
Duplin County Marriage Records



"Easily Found". Democratic Congressional Committee Advance Sheet,
Eaton, Doctor Hubert A. Sr. - Private Papers, 1938-1991, Description
Ellis, Gov. John W. Proclamation
Ethiopian Manuscripts
Evans, Anchram H. and Elizabeth K.. Civil War Letters
Ewell, Benjamin S. Broadside



Fechtig, Alice M. Postcard collection
Fertilizer Industry
Ficklen Family Private Papers, 1803 - 1960
Fincannon Script Collection
Fonvielle, Dr. Chris E.
Fort Caswell Telegraph Log. Thirty days of transcriptions mid 1860's
4th of July Festival, North Carolina, Southport
"From These Beginnings" Draft copies and notes
Frost, Reuben Lovette Private Papers, 1948 - 1959.



Gillespie Genealogical Record, CA. 1700 - CA. 1930.
Gilson, Mary Barnett Private Papers, 1929 - 1937
Godwin, M.W. Linda Darnell Collection
Godwin, M.W. Film Still Archive Movie 1925-1965
Gordon-Smith Personal Paper, 1921
Gore - Cooper Family Financial statements
Graham, Fred Papers, 1958 - 1965.
Graham, Stephen Presidential Pardon, 1865.
Groome, Thomas M. Jr., USAF Chaplain Corps
Gunn, John A., Sport books, media guides and programs
Guthie, Frances, Government Service Memorabilia



Hall, B. Frank. Religious sermons 1940-1985
Hamilton, T. T. Papers, 1948 - 1989
Hardee, Jr. Lewis, Family papers
Harris, Mr. Richard
Hawk's Eye
Wilmington College student news 1940's
Heaton Collection
Hicks, Eugene C. Notes
High Family Papers, 1820.
High Family Papers, 1861-1865
High, Bob Family genealogy
High, Oscar Furniture store
Historic Preservation
Hoggard, Dr. John Thomas. Papers
Hoke , William J. Caption's Commission, 1850
Holiday, Austin J. Papers
Howell , Claude F. The Beachcomber's Handbook of Seafood Cookery, and Proofs, 1970.
Howell, Claude F. A Balkan Sketchbook, Galley Copy, 1977.
Howell , Claude F. The Black Poet. Manuscript Copy
Howell , Claude F. Sand Roots. Manuscript Copy
Howell Family Papers, 1863 - 1864.
Howell, Laura Harriss Music Collection.
Huber, Fritzi artist



Indentures North Carolina 1811
, Will Poet
Inman, Will Collected works



Jackson, Wayne Collection of Wilmington College Memorabilia 1961- 1965
James Walker Memorial Hospital James Walker Memorial Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association Papers
Jazz Collection
Jones Family  
Jones, Viola M. Letters
Jones, Wilbur D. Jr. Manuscript Collection
Jones, Wilbur D. Jr. Political Collection. 1966-1978



Kellog Family Papers, 1811 - 1834
Kenan Family Collection
Kidder Award and Certificate, 1893.
Kiker, George Frank
Kirton, Edwin E. Family
Krupp, Roger Radio and TV Announcer



Lake Waccamaw, History
Langtry, Sondra Claudine. Travel Observations
Lazenby Family Papers, 1831 - 1941.
Laracy, Richard. Letter written in 1914 describing injury received at Battle of Gettysburg
Legislative Papers John J. Burney
Lennon, Alton Asa. Congressional Papers, 1957 -
Lindquist, Dr. David Marine biologist
Long , Ben . Sketch.
Loring, Major General William Wing. Proclamation, 1862.
Love, Anna Parsley. Private Paper, 1910.
Lower Cape Fear Region Maps, Charts, etc. 1866 - 1944.
Lower Cape Fear Region Printed Material
Lyman, John. Scientific Papers, 1946 - 1964.



MacMillan, Sidney Gardner. Private Papers
Macrae, General William
McCaffray, Edmund. Seven letters: Robert E. Lee; Mary Custis Lee; Fitzhugh Lee and others. Special Conditions
McDonald - Howe Family Papers, 1861 - 1966.
McGuire Collection of letters from Black soldiers, 1941 - 1946
McMillan, James F. Diaries of teen life in Wilmington 1940 - 1947
Marks, Stuart Personal papers and manuscript material
Marriage Records, CA. 1700 - CA. 1870. Duplin County, North Carolina
Martin, Silas Correspondence 1858 - 1872
Maryland Indentures, 1837 - 1857.
Maultsby, John C. Memorabilia and personal remembrances 1940s- 1970s
Megivern, Dr. James J. UNCW faculty, research in religion; death penalty
Memorabilia nursing school VA 1920
Mendelsohn, Rabbi Collection
Moore, Susan Eugenia 1898 Correspondence
Moore, Thomas Personal papers
Murchison Family personal and business papers
Murchison, Wallace C. North Carolina Fund



Nazi Germany Van Eeden Farms
Nesbitt, Dorothy Buckeridge
New Hanover County, Documents Relating to Public Education 1866-1922.
New Hanover County. Local Government Publications and Sources, 1992-1997
Newman, Sarah Mildred Strauss
Newspapers 1898 photocopies
Newspapers, WWII
No Boundaries Artists' colony
North Carolina Abstract of Votes, 1880
North Carolina 4th of July Festival, Southport
North Carolina Fund
North Carolina Indentures 1811
North Carolina Living Treasures. 
North Carolina Shipping 1832-1838



Oakdale Cemetery Student projects
Operation Desert Shield- Army Times

Original Music of the Lower Cape Fear
Ower Collection Article on Samuel Taylor Coleridge



Page, McLean, Family papers
Parnell, Dr. James F., Papers
"Pastoral Summit" Paul Wilkes
Pearsall, Oscar
Family business
Pearl Harbor
Perry - Cherry House, 1986
Poisson, Frederick D. Attorney
Pono's Jazz Collection
Postcard Collection Alice M. Fechtig
Postcard Collection Constance W. Langtry
Powell, Morris and Jean James Walker School of Nursing and Pharmaceutical Paraphernalia
Pratt, Thomas George. Broadside, 1846.
Printer's Art
Protestant Episcopal Church Resolution, 1829.
Puddy, Ludeen  Brass Rubbings



Quelch, R.N. Dorothea Nursing school memorabilia 1920



Randall, William Madison. Papers
Rehder Family Papers
Reproductions of religious prints
Rogers, Craig Collection
Rotary Club Wilmington, NC
Rorison, Harmon C. Private Papers, 1903 - 1976.
Rugoff, Milton Papers relating to research on the Beechers



Scheetz Music Collection
Schwartz, B. D. Scrapbooks documenting Wilmington political career 1926-1993
Schrank, John F. Assassination attempt on Theodore Roosevelt
Seapker, Janet
Shaw, Frank. Scripts.
Shaw, George Bernard. Private Paper, 1947.
Sherman, Anna. Confederate memoirs
Sisson, Dr. William E. Jr. county papers 1995
Smith, Thomas. Land Grant, 1688
Sociology of Aging: Women and Aging Life Histories
Southwell, J.J. Correspondence relating to Southwell's murder
Special Collections Art
Sprunt, Walter P. , Construction of Tannahill
St. Andrew's Covenant Presbyterian Church
St. James Episcopal Church, Wilmington. Selected documents from 1739 to present.
Stern, Susan G. Thesis research
Stoddart, Sir John. Memoranda, ca.1832 - 1834.
Stone, Kurt. Manuscripts pertaining to music and modern composing
Store Ledger Wilmington NC 1788
Sudduth, Billie Ruth. Basketmaker
Sueyoshi, Hiroshi North Carolina Potter
Sunny Point Military Ocean Terminal
Swink, Doug. Theater Collection, 1959 - 1963.



Tapestry Theatre Company
Tapp, Robert E. Private Papers, 1936 - 1979.
Taylor, Colonel Walker
Thomas, Corneilius D. (Neal) artist
Thomas, Governor Philip F. Proclamation, 1848.
Thurman, Rabbi. Music Collection.
Thursday Morning Music Club Records, 1892 - 1978.
Tisserant, Cardinal Eugene. Memorabilia.
Tobacco Card Collection.
Toll, Pam, Artist
Tustin, Gayle. Artist Manuscript Collection.
Twentieth Century European Military Maps, 1935 - 1945.



University of Virginia photographs
Upperman, Dr. Leroy W.
USO Jacksonville, NC
U.S. Military Ships, Bases and Operations, 1932 - 1963.



Van Eeden Papers Pender County
Viet Nam Conflict documents



Wade, J.E.L. Political Statements, 1942 - 1967
Wagoner, William H
Ward, Captain Edward
Watson, Colonel James M. Union Army 8th Regiment roster
Walton, George
Weaver, Lee World War II memorabilia
Wessell & Eilers of Wilmington. Ledger, 1853-1856
Whitley, Mayor Horace political papers
Wilkes, Paul. Manuscript collection 1960s-1990s
Wilkes, Paul "Pastoral Summit"
Wilmington Art Association scrapbooks
Wilmington Bird Club
Wilmington College Graham Papers
Wilmington College Hawk's Eye student news 1940's
Wilmington College memorabilia Jackson Collection
Wilmington College, Theater Department Swink Papers
Wilmington NC Film Collection
Wilmington NC Historic Buildings Survey, 1974 - 1978
Wilmington NC Wilmington Movement 1971
Wilmington NC Riot 1898 Photocopies of Source Documents
Wilmington NC Store Ledger 1788
Wilmington NC Weather Bureau Documents, 1871 - 1912
Wilmington Rotary Club
Womble, James R. Civil War Letter
Wood, T.F. Jr.
Wood, Dr. Thomas Fanning Family Papers
Wootten, Bradley Jewett papers and memorabilia
World War II documents Bissette Collection
World War II newspapers
Wright-Frierson, Virginia. Manuscript collection artist



No records


Yopp, Alfred Harding. Music Scores and Papers.



Zachary, Hugh


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