Ashe Family Papers

The Ashes were a prominent family in eighteenth and nineteenth century North Carolina. Samuel Ashe served as Governor of North Carolina from 1795 to 1798, and helped draft the state's first Constitution. He was born in Beaufort, North Carolina and lived in Pender County. His son, John Baptista Ashe, served in the Continental Congress, fought in the American Revolution with the Continental Army, and was in the North Carolina committee that ratified the U.S. Constitution. He also served in the First and Second U.S. Congress. Samuel A'Court Ashe, born in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina in 1840, was a Confederate infantry captain, historian, and state legislator. Prior to his death in 1938, he was the last surviving commissioned officer of the Confederacy. This collection contains the diaries, works of poetry, genealogical lists, and photographs of the Ashe descendents. Most of the material in this collection consists of photocopies or typed transcripts, but it does contain original diaries and photographs.

These papers were donated to Randall Library, UNCW in May 2009  by William A. Bason of Raleigh, NC, a descendent of the Ashe family.

This Collection has been designated Accession Number 320 of the Manuscripts Collection, Special Collections Department, William Madison Randall Library, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, 601 South College Road, Wilmington, North Carolina 28403-3297.

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January 2010



The Ashe Family of the Cape Fear.
Preface to the Early Homes on the Cape Fear Adapted from Waddell and McCree papers. Photocopy of typescript,  2 copies.

Typescript excerpts from unidentified source. Most pages are number but numbers on some copies are marked out and new numbers written in.   


John Ashe (Sr.) last will and testament in 1672. Photocopy. Typescript transcription.

Will of John Ashe (Jr.),  from the Will Book of Charleston County, 1687-1701 Vol. 1, page 34. Typescript transcription, photocopy.

Biographical and genealogical sketch of John Baptista Ashe, John Ashe Sr., John Ashe Jr., John Ashe of Freshford and James Ashe of Westcombe and Freshford.  Typescript, 4 pages.



Diary, Henrietta Perkins Martin, Raleigh, NC circa 1868 -1875.




4 envelopes all addressed to W. C. Holman in Raleigh, NC. Dates are as follows: February 5, February 24, May 20 and August 24, 1887

Hand drawn map, Plantations at Rocky Point from 1725-1760. One mimeographed copy, six photocopies.


Biographical and genealogical sketch Swann Family, Typescript 2 pages.



  • Postcard of the Ashe House in Musbury
  • Card and photograph of the Ashe House with an inset of the Chapel
  • Photocopy of a photograph of the Ashe House with a written note on the bottom of the page
  • Photograph of the William S. Ashe landmark plaque (3 copies)
  • Photograph of the Samuel Ashe landmark plaque (4 copies)
  • Photograph of the “Elmwood” house landmark plaque (4 copies)
  • Photograph of the Bayard vs. Singleton decision landmark plaque (3 copies)
  • Photograph of Samuel A’ court Ashe LL.D.’s gravestone/monument plaque (2 copies)
  • Printed copy of a drawing of Teffont Manor
  • Photograph of an unidentified house

Book of poetry. Handwritten, Mrs. James A. Miller from Wilmington, NC circa 1863.

320/1/21 Poem, handwritten, dated:  Raleigh 31 January 1867. 4 pages, author unknown.

Loyalty on Trial.
Videocassette and photocopy of Study Guide.

Photocopies of entries from Fannie Waddell's diary.

Purple binder, typed transcript of Rosa Hill Ashe's diary, January 1861-January 1864.

White binder, typed transcript of Fannie Waddell's diary, January 2, 1856 - December 31, 1865.


  • Typed transcript from Early Homes on the Cape Fear, (3 pages)
  • Typed list of Cape Fear plantations (2 copies)
  • Photocopies of newspaper articles and diary entries
  • Typed transcript of diary entries by Fannie Waddell and Rosa Hill Ashe

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