The Montford Point Marines are the subject of a documentary written and directed by Dr. Melton McLaurin.
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This web site was supported by the Department of the Navy, Office of Naval Research, through a grant with South Carolina State University and developed by the University of North Carolina Wilmington, working in close cooperation with the Montford Point Marines Museum at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, N.C.

A race against time...

The Montford Point Marines web site and documentary began after a chance meeting with Dr. Clarence Willie, Lieutenant Colonel, Retired, United States Marine Corps. Dr. Willie was the assistant superintendent of schools in Brunswick County when he met Dr. Melton McLaurin, a UNCW professor who specialized in the American South and race relations. At the time, Dr. McLaurin knew vaguely of the Montford Point Maries; over time, McLaurin got to know them very well. After coordinating with various institutions with an interest in the Montford Point Marines, and securing funding, Dr. Willie and Dr. McLaurin met with and interviewed Montford Point veterans, eventually speaking with over sixty veterans for more than 2,800 minutes.

Because many of the veterans were advancing in age, the project was a true race against time. Willie and McLaurin heard time and time again stories of courage, dignity and pride. Those stories, and the accompanying documentary, are highlighted on this site.

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