In Training: Nursing Education in New Hanover County
 1901 - 1966

James Walker Memorial Hospital School of Nursing

... It was also one that trained nurses.  They provided nurses for southeastern North Carolina too.  The nurses at that time lived in the building, which was still present, down at 11th and Red Cross Street and that building is still there.  They lived there and it was right behind where James Walker Hospital was.  They got their training and were surrounded by hospital activities and they knew everything that was going on and a lot of things rubbed off on them that they weren't taught in class.  They got a lot of classroom teaching too.

But these turned out excellent practicing nurses.  Some of them are still around and I think you've interviewed some of them already.  They were very, very world trained and performed so well at the bedside.  Nurses at the present time have a lot more book learning because they have a lot more technical activities to do and technical equipment and a lot more is known now about medicine than was known back in the days of the old James Walker Nursing School.

Dr. Bertram Williams                            Physician

We all had private rooms. It was…all rooms were totally private. The showers and tubs and all were down in one big room, you know, you had to walk down the hall…and telephone…one telephone on the hall, but there was a lavatory in each room…and a desk…and a cot, and a dresser.

Marlene Robinson Blake JWMH ‘64

Oh yes, we had to sign in and out of the nurses’ residence. Boys could only go to the first floor waiting area nowhere else. They were not allowed anyway else. No, our protection was obviously of utmost importance to the school and to the hospital because our comings and goings and our behavior was very restricted, very restricted.

Alice Brittian Brooks JWMH ‘64

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