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Fifty years ago, the modern era of surfing began in Southeastern North Carolina. Since that time, surfing has evolved from the peripheries of beach culture into a complex sport and lifestyle, enticing a growing number of individuals each year to pick up a board and hit the waves. Increasingly, throughout this time, UNCW has also been a destination for students seeking to further their education while having access to a quality surfing environment. This exhibit highlights the golden anniversary of surfing in the region through the photography and experiences of UNCW students and alumni.

Exhibit on display mid September through mid December 2014 in Randall Library's Sherman Hayes Gallery on the 1st floor.  


Panel Discussion and Reception

Please join us in the Randall Library Auditorium on October 22, 2014 at 6pm for a panel discussion and reception. 

Moderating the discussion is Cody Leutgens, founder of Surf City Surf School, editor at large of Local Sessions and UNCW alum. Panelists include: Chris McQuiston, publisher of Local Sessions and photographers and current UNCW students, Andy Conner, Chandler Hatch and Jake Zlotnick


Photo and Video Submissions

Whether it was hurricane swell or a secret spot discovered while studying abroad, Randall Library welcomes all submissions of surf photography and videography related to UNCW students, faculty, staff and alumni. 


Submissions are open to all undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at UNCW as well as faculty and staff employed by the university. Submissions are also open to all UNCW alumni.

How do I submit my photos and videos?

To submit your photos and videos, use the Photo and Video Submission Form. If your file is larger than 8mb, please fill out the submission form and e-mail submissions to randalldesk@gmail.com with the subject line, "Surfing Submission."

  • Photos: Digital images must be saved in .jpeg or .png format. Scans of negatives, transparencies or photographic prints are acceptable. 
  • Videos: Please follow these recommended guidelines

You may submit as many photos and videos as you would like. For each file, please fill out a separate submission form. Files should be named using your first and last name along with consecutive numbers for multiple submissions. Ex. smith_john_01.jpg or smith_john_02.mpeg

Submissions must include:

  • A title
  • Relation to UNCW
  • Date: An approximate date such as the month and year is acceptable
  • Location
  • Description: Provide as much detail as you wish to explain the context of the submission. What beach are you at and how did you get there? Who is in the photo or video? Is it a reef break or a sand bar? What were the conditions that day? What kind of device was used to capture the photo or video? You get the picture...

Are you interested in allowing Randall Library to archive your submission for the Cape Fear Surfing Archive photo collection? Click here to learn more about the archive and its mission. 


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