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Department Staff

Name Title Email Phone Office Location
Argabright Lynnee Argabright Research Data Librarian RL1029
Armstrong Garrett Armstrong Library Web Applications Developer RL1023O
Baugnon Rebecca Baugnon Interim Associate Director, Center for Southeast North Carolina Archives and History and Special Collections Librarian (910) 962-7462 RL2042K
Benedetti Susannah Benedetti Associate Director, Resource Description & Management (910) 962-4243 RL1023R
Carpenter Marcus Carpenter Systems Administrator RL1023T
Carter Tonya Carter Serials and Electronic Resources Specialist (910) 962-3612 RL1023N
Chapman Ophelia Chapman Business Librarian (910) 962-7259 RL2060
Costley Janet Costley Library Technician RL1004
Crawford John Crawford Digital & Visual Media Coordinator RL1010A
Cribb Joseph Cribb Library Technician (910) 962-7829 RL1023S
Crisp Samantha Crisp Interim Associate Director, Center for Southeast North Carolina Archives and History and Public Services Archivist (910) 962-7810 RL2042H
Cross Jeanne Cross Collection Development Librarian (910) 962-2271 RL1023E
Crowe Stephanie Crowe Associate Director, Academic & Research Engagement (910) 962-7858 RL2056
Dickson Suzanne Dickson Circulation Technician RL1004
Downing Julia Downing Executive Assistant (910) 962-3270 RL2050
Edwards Angie Edwards Research Analyst (910) 962-3540 RL2061A
Eley Christopher Eley Library Building Operations Program Associate RL1023Q
Fiery Rachel Fiery Cataloging Specialist (910) 962-7641 RL1023L
Flax Norma Flax User Services Specialist RL1003
Fleming Jason Fleming Information Technology Librarian (910) 962-2675 RL1029C
Franklin Mark Franklin Circulation Technician (910) 962-7692 RL1003
Fredriksson Marcella Fredriksson Web & Discovery Services Librarian RL1023O
Fritzler Peter Fritzler Sciences Librarian (910) 962-7807 RL1043
Garner Elisabeth Garner Government Information Librarian RL2062
Herzog Nina Herzog University Archives Specialist (910) 962-3798 RL2008
Holman Lucy Holman Associate Provost for Teaching, Learning & Library Services and Dean of the Library (910) 962-7703 RL2050
Howland Elizabeth Howland Interlibrary Loan Technician RL1023A
Knox Ashley Knox Digital Initiatives Librarian RL1029B
Knox John Knox Digital Scholarship Librarian (910) 962-3680 RL1029B
Lashley Samantha Lashley User Services Specialist RL1003
Longley Jared Longley Interim Building Operations Manager (910) 962-3269 RL1023Q
Malpass Christopher Malpass Interlibrary Loan Specialist (910) 962-7312 RL1023B
Matson Sherrill Matson Business Officer (910) 962-3199 RL2052
May Emma May Cataloging & Metadata Librarian RL1023P
McBrayer Laura Wiegand McBrayer Associate Dean (910) 962-4232 RL1010
Moore Gary Moore Lead Cataloging Librarian (910) 962-4252 RL1023F
Morgan Cole Morgan Digital Makerspace Technician (910) 962-3680 RL1029
Mueth Sarah Mueth Serials & Electronic Resources Librarian 910-962-2497 RL1023I
Norman Kat Norman Collections Technician (910) 962-4286 RL1023M
O'Keeffe Allison O'Keeffe Digital Projects Specialist RL1029
O'Neill Brittany O'Neill Information Literacy Librarian (910) 962-2557 RL2058
Osinski John Osinski Nursing Librarian (910) 962-4271 RL2059
Peterson Mark Peterson Acquistions Specialist RL1023K
Pino Edward Pino Technology Support Analyst (910) 962-2106 RL1023D
Raymer Melissa Raymer Education & Art Librarian (910) 962-4234 RL2054
Richards Tawanda Richards Building Operations & Security Assistant (910) 962-3275 RL1010
Riggins Adina Riggins University Archivist (910) 962-4233 RL2008
Robinson Christopher Robinson Outreach & Engagement Librarian (910) 962-0520 RL2037
Sandin Sheila Sandin Circulation Technician RL1003
Sclippa Eva Sclippa Humanities Librarian (910) 962-7994 RL1041
Seales Delandrus Seales Teaching & Learning Librarian (910) 962-7907 RL1023G
Sixkiller Jenneffer Sixkiller Health & Human Services Librarian (910) 962-7907 RL1023G
Smith Meghan Wanucha Smith Head of Liaison Librarian Services (910) 962-0555 RL2053
Steyer Elizabeth Steyer Associate Director, Information Technology and Digital Services (910) 962-3680 RL1029A
Walton Dawn Walton Associate Director, User Services RL1005
Webster Kiana Webster Social Sciences Librarian (910) 962-3434 RL2055
Weddle Danny Weddle Library Web Applications Developer RL1023K
Wharton Alyssa Wharton Digital Makerspace Coordinator RL1029D
Yatsonsky Nicole Yatsonsky Special Collections Specialist (910) 962-3412 RL2042J
Zelick Sam Zelick Sciences Librarian (910) 962-7807 RL1043