Accounting, Tax & Banking Collection

Formerly called "ProQuest Accounting & Tax"

Contains essential publications for information about the financial services industry, including accounting, tax, banking, and industry trends. Provides centralized access to accounting and tax top journals, reference reports, proceedings, dissertations and more, including over 2,300 publications with hundreds in full-text. Covering current news and topics, as well as the trends and history influencing important accounting, business, and tax issues of the day. Part of ProQuest Central.


  • Highly ranked global and scholarly journals, including all journals from the American Accounting Association
  • Accounting, tax management, and auditing trade publications from top publishers such as CCH, Aspen, Thompson Professional and Regulatory Services, Source Media, Tax Management Inc., and Euromoney
  • AICPA publications
  • Tax law and financial law publications from notable sources such as the American Bar Association and American Law Institute
  • Global accounting and tax journals from the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Spain, Ireland and more
  • Financial advising, governance, and risk management publications from Incisive Media, CFA Institute, and Association for Financial Counseling and Planning
  • Over 1,500 accounting dissertations
  • More than 7,800 Working Papers from SSRN (Social Science Research Network)
  • Select conference proceedings for accounting


Subject coverage

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Tax management
  • Auditing
  • Tax law
  • Financial law
  • Financial advising
  • Financial governance
  • Financial Risk Management