Decorative - magnifying glass and widgetsWhat is “Information literacy”?

Information literacy is defined as the competencies an individual summons in order to locate, retrieve, evaluate, select, and use information sources.Source  That means more than just research skills!

Information literate citizens examine the socio-cultural production of information and knowledge, and they approach all information production and consumption in a critical manner. 

The sheer abundance of information will not in itself create a more informed citizenry without a complementary cluster of abilities necessary to use information effectively. Information literacy forms the basis for lifelong learning. It is common to all disciplines, to all learning environments, and to all levels of education. It enables learners to master content and extend their investigations, become more self-directed, and assume greater control over their own learning. - American Library Association 

Learn About Information Literacy at UNCW

Information literacy is a required competency in UNCW's University Studies program (six credit hours) and is a one of eight university Learning Goals.

Incorporate Information Literacy Into Your Class

Utilize Asynchronous Virtual Library Instruction

Request Virtual Library Instruction

To request, email your liaison librarian or complete our virtual IL instruction request form.   The Library's Digital Makerspace is also providing virtual instruction this semester. 

  • Instruction - Asynchronous
    • Subject guides (examples)
    • Video tutorials (examples)
    • Canvas modules (examples)
    • Information literacy development activities/assignments
  • Instruction - Synchronous
    • Usually over Zoom
    • Can be a “traditional” 50-75 minute class length or a series of shorter topical sessions
    • Can be recorded for absent students
  • Student research support - Asynchronous
    • Email
    • Canvas inbox messaging
    • Canvas discussion board(s)
  • Student research support - Synchronous
  • Instructor teaching support
    • Collaborating on research assignment development
    • Assisting with stable links to library resources (ebooks, databases, articles, etc.)
    • Providing feedback/comments on student work, such as drafts.

Request Library Instruction

2020-21 Academic Year: Please note that all library IL instruction and tours for 2020-2021 will be virtual/remote - please refer to the options above and contact your liaison librarian with questions.  The Library's Digital Makerspace is also providing instruction upon request.

For: First Year Seminar  |  Transfer Seminar  |  ENG Comp |  Other UNCW Instruction  |  Online & Distance Education Courses  | Visiting Groups (K-12 schools, etc.)  |  Isaac Bear Early College
Other: Library Tours  |  Library Digital Makerspace



Information literacy instruction at Randall Library: First Year Seminar, ENG 103/201, and in your major