Randall Library Strategic Plan

Randall Library Strategic Plan FY2024-2028

Pillar I: Increase access, affordability, and awareness of information resources 

  • Priority 1: Improve discoverability of information resources  
  • Priority 2: Increase access and affordability of library and course materials to promote student success 
  • Priority 3: Increase awareness of library information resources 

Pillar II: Cultivate learning, exploration, and collaboration  

  • Priority 4: Enhance user-centered services 
  • Priority 5: Build inclusive, welcoming spaces 
  • Priority 6: Lead campus information literacy initiatives 
  • Priority 7: Pioneer adoption of emerging technologies 

Pillar III: Facilitate research, scholarship, and creative work  

  • Priority 8: Drive collaborations in interdisciplinary research 
  • Priority 9: Increase capacity for research technologies  
  • Priority 10: Showcase student, faculty, and library scholarship 
  • Priority 11: Increase UNCW student, faculty, and staff awareness of expertise, services, programs, and resources 

Pillar IV: Enrich our partnerships and community engagement  

  • Priority 12:  Enhance partnership with local cultural heritage, educational, and community organizations 
  • Priority 13: Enhance public outreach in the region 

Pillar V: Grow a sustainable organization 

  • Priority 14: Build a sustainable and scalable library infrastructure  
  • Priority 15: Foster organizational growth and development 
  • Priority 16: Cultivate a culture of data-informed decision making