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No events are currently scheduled for today in the library.

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When Where What
- Auditorium, RL2047 ANT-206-001 Cultural Anthropology
- Honors Classroom, RL2007A HON-212-300 Hon Topical Interdisc Sem: LGS
- Distance Learning Classroom, RL2005 LED-211-007 Principles of Leadership
- Honors Classroom, RL2007A HON-210-300 Topical Interdis Honors Sem
- Auditorium, RL2047 ANT-105-001 Introduction to Anthropology
- Library Workroom, RL1012 RL Library Operations Leadership
- RL First Floor, Table A Take Back the Night Tabling
- Faculty Commons, All Rooms (RL2014) CTE Book Circle
- Instruction Room, RL1022 FST 376 - S. Richardson (EKS)
- Instruction Room, RL1039 HON 110: Besemer/Fritzler
- Auditorium, RL2047 GGY-101-001 Modern World Geography
- Honors Classroom, RL2007A HON-110-312 First Yr Honors Interdisc Sem.
- Distance Learning Classroom, RL2005 HON-110-301 First Yr Honors Interdisc Sem.
- Auditorium, RL2047 SOC-385-001 Environmental Sociology
- Honors Classroom, RL2007A HON-210-301 Topical Interdis Honors Sem
- Library Workroom, RL1012 Documentation
- Instruction Room, RL1022 FST 500 - K. Hinshaw (EKS)
- Meeting/Consultation Room, RL1023H ARH (Upshaw/Ray/Raymer)
- Honors Classroom, RL2007A HON-120-304 Honors Enrichment Seminar