All of Us Researcher Workbench


The All of Us database provides clinical, environmental, and social lifestyle data to inform how these factors affect health conditions, to promote the advancement of biomedical research such as precision medicine. The "Data Browser" public data is aggregated data from participants’ physical measurements, surveys, wearables, and electronic health records. In the "Researcher Workbench" Registered Tier, UNCW researchers can view and analyze within the Workbench platform individual (not aggregated) human subjects' de-identified biomedical data. Responsible Conduct of Research training within the platform is required for registration.

All of Us data comes from 1 million participants and is intentionally committed to being demographically, geographically, and medically representative of the United States population, including populations that have historically been underrepresented in biomedical research. Participants come from all 50 states; of the participants who have completed all of the steps of the initial protocol, more than 75% are from underrepresented populations, including 50% from racial and ethnic minority groups. More details about All of Us's data collection methods and analysis tools available in the platform can be found at The NIH occasionally offers grants for research studies using All of Us data (see 

Without an account, you can view on "Data Browser" aggregated data. With a UNCW-affiliated account at the "Researcher Workbench" Registered Tier, you can view and analyze within the Workbench platform individual human subjects' de-identified biomedical data. UNCW does not have access to the Controlled Tier of the platform, which contains genomic data.

To register for a free UNCW-affiliated account:

  1. Sign up at and select your affiliation as a researcher at University of North Carolina at Wilmington.
  2. Turn on Google 2-Step Verification, using your automatically assigned username.
  3. Verify your identity within (a free National Institutes of Health associated account you may have to set up first). You will need your drivers license or other accepted identification card.
  4. Take approximately 1 hour of Responsible Conduct of Research training for the Registered Tier access in the All of Us platform.
  5. Sign a Data Code of Conduct Agreement electronically.

Notes: An IRB application is not needed for projects that are only using All of Us data. As all analysis must be conducted within the platform, knowledge of Python or R to conduct analysis is helpful but not necessary. Contact Research Data Librarian Lynnee Argabright ( for help, or to request a scheduled demonstration of the database for your department.

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