History Vault

Researchers can access digitized letters, papers, photographs, scrapbooks, financial records, diaries, and many more primary source materials taken from the University Publications of America (UPA) Collections. Our collections include Civil Rights and the Black Freedom Struggle, Southern Life and Slavery, American Politics and Society, Workers and Labor Unions, American Indians and the American West, and Women’s Studies.

Our access includes:

  • African American Police League Records
  • American Indians and the American West, 1809-1971
  • American Politics and Society from JFK to Watergate, 1960-1975
  • Black Freedom Struggle in the 20th Century (Federal and Organizational records)
  • Confederate Military Manuscripts and Records of Union Generals and the Union Army
  • FBI Confidential Files and Radical Politics in the U.S., 1945-1972
  • Labor Unions in the US, 1862-1974
  • Law and Society since the Civil War: American Legal Manuscripts from the Harvard Law School Library
  • NAACP Papers (complete collection parts 1-6)
  • New Deal and the World War II: President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Office Files and Records of Federal Agencies
  • Reconstruction and Military Government
  • Slavery and the Law
  • Slavery, the Slave Trade, and Law and Order in 19th Century America
  • Southern Life and African American History, 1775-1915, Plantations Records, Part 1
  • Southern Life and African American History, 1775-1915, Plantations Records, Part 2
  • Struggle for Women's Rights, Organizational Records 1880-1990
  • Students for a Democratic Society, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and the Anti-Vietnam War Movement
  • Women’s Studies Manuscript Collections from the Schlesinger Library: Voting Rights, National Polices, and Reproductive Rights
  • Workers, Labor Unions and the American Left in the 20th Century: Federal Records


Coverage Dates:
varies by publication