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Euromonitor's Passport database contains data for countries around the world covering consumer market sizes, market data & forecasts, consumer lifestyles, companies and brands, country risk and more.  Features millions of statistics and in-depth reports on 27 industries with demographic, macro and socioeconomic data and analysis on consumers and economies in 210 countries worldwide. It is an award-winning market research database used by academic institutions and Fortune 500 companies to understand the global business environment in a time of rapid change and increased globalization.

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Main features:

1) Industry data - multi-country relational database of market and category sizes, market shares, distribution patterns, sales forecasts and other measurements relevant to each sector.

2) Country reports - in-depth analysis reports on both developed and emerging national markets. Each report provides qualitative commentary on sales trends, new product and marketing developments, consumer preferences, national company and brand competition and market strategies, and the views and assumptions underlying national sales forecasts.

3) Global reports assessing the key issues affecting international market performance, with a focus on important developments by product sector and big picture competition strategy.

4) Company profiles - analytical profiles of the top international players in the industry, compiled in a standardised format for cross analysis.

5) Comment - articles and presentations on key themes and discussion topics around the dynamics of the category.