Randall Library Programming and Exhibits Proposal Submission Form

  • The Programming and Exhibits Team (PET) reviews proposals once a month.
  • Due to limited space it is not possible to accept all proposals.
  • Notifications are made by email.
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Type of Programming
Type of Programming

Exhibit – A public display of art, books, or artifacts on a specific theme or topic, ideally a topic that ties to UNCW (to display three weeks or longer). Examples of Exhibits: 30th Anniversary Banned Books, The Aesthetic of Water, Dubtown Skate, Invisible Wounds of War, Mike McIntyre Works for Me. 

Showcase –A display of research, usually of posters, in Randall Library public spaces. Showcases should last anywhere from 2 days to 1 week. Examples of Showcases: English in Action, Honors Undergraduate Research, Wentworth Fellows. 

Workshop/Reading/Panel Discussion – A lecture or event aimed toward scholarly or public communication, or an educational experience. Examples of Workshops/Readings/Panel Discussions: 21st Century Academic Libraries, Banned Book Reading, Big Read Event, Mike Papadeus, Poetry Reading, Open Access Week

Describe your project and how it relates to UNCW’s mission and values. If you have images, url links, or links to videos, please use them here to help us get a vision of your proposed exhibit or project.

Please review Randall Library programming and exhibits spaces and indicate your location preference.

Please check all that apply

Describe your preferred and alternative dates or date ranges.  

The applicant agrees to provide high quality exhibit ready content to the PET by the designated dates. These dates will be communicated in the acceptance letter which will be sent if the proposal is approved.

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