Monetary Donations

Monetary donations (including memorials) are gratefully accepted for enhancing the delivery of library services. The Library has in the past used gift funds for purchases of materials for the collection including equipment, supplies, and art works. Specific titles or items to be purchased with donated funds will be coordinated by the University Librarian. All monetary donations will be received by the University Librarian for appropriate handling, recorded through the office of University Advancement and acknowledged by the Library. You can give online directly through University Advancement by selecting "Library" for the gift designation.

Donations of Books and Other Materials (In Kind)

Randall Library is preparing for a major renovation that is anticipated to begin in 2022. Therefore, we are limiting accepting item donations for the general collection, now through the end of construction. At this time, we are only accepting donations for the general collection from current faculty members.

For Special Collections and/or Archives materials please contact those departments directly.


Acknowledgement of Donations


Each donation, monetary and otherwise, will be acknowledged by the Library after the donation has been received. The Library will donate a tree in the Leadership Grove on the UNCW campus to thank donors who have contributed materials valued at more than $10,000. Other special acknowledgements of donor generosity may be offered or requested depending on size of gift and type of material, such as room naming opportunities, plaques, bookplates, special collections, and receptions.

Financial Appraisals

The Library does not have the authority to make financial appraisals of donated materials. The The Appraisers Association of America is a good place to start (accessed January 7, 2015) for additional information about appraisals.

Questions about this policy should be addressed to Jeanne Cross, crossj [at] uncw [dot] edu, 910-962-2271.

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