Hurricane Evacuation Procedures Checklist

Hurricane Evacuation Procedures Checklist


  • Review Randall Library emergency plans, UNCW Hurricane Operations Plan and office or departmental plans.  Make sure all employees are familiar with these plans and procedures.
  • Update staffing changes and emergency contact information for Randall Library.
  • Document new items that are not easily replaced through pictures and video.
  • Check emergency supply inventory and order any needed items.  Please see the recommended emergency supply list for Randall Library and obtain extra or replacement items if necessary.

HURRICANE WATCH – 48 hours prior to storm arrival

  • Library Safety & Security Committee keeps abreast of weather and hurricane information by checking local news sources and reading messages from the University ‘s Emergency Management Coordinator.  The chair of the Safety & Security committee or his/her designate will communicate regularly with Library Staff and Partners as the weather event develops and new information comes from the Emergency Manager.
  • Library Staff and partners should stay alert for news from the UNCW decision makers on next steps and major decisions; these will be posted on the UNCW and EH&S Web sites, available from the Emergency Hotline and communicated by the University Librarian or Associate Director Library Access and Customer Support Services, a member of the University's Emergency Planning Group.
  • Begin preliminary hurricane preparations:
    • Review Randall Library Hurricane Procedures Checklist
    • Cancel of postpone scheduled events, meetings, and/or activities.  For public events, contact the Office of University Relations so they may add the cancellation notice to their press releases.
    • Back up critical computer files, store in a safe place.
    • Verify that emergency supplies such as plastic or trash bags are on hand for wrapping equipment.

HURRICANE WARNING – 36 hours prior to storm arrival

  • Each Library department and partner unit should complete the following tasks to protect offices and equipment if word comes that UNCW is planning to close:
    • Close and lock all windows, if applicable
    • Turn all equipment off
    • Disconnect all electrical equipment and plugs, ask for help from Library Information Technology and Systems if needed
    • Move equipment off floors and cover with plastic if needed.
    • Close blinds and close and lock office doors.
    • Prepare a voice mail message for the department’s telephone extensions (public service desks) stating that UNCW has closed due to emergency weather condition and will reopen when conditions permit.  Leave the UNCW Emergency Hotline telephone number on voicemail 910.962.3991 or toll free 888.657.5751
    • Circulation staff secures the outside parking lot Drop Box and adds a sign indicating that the Drop Box is closed for the duration of the weather event.
    • Employees should notify their supervisor when hurricane departmental and office preparations have been completed.
    • When requested, evacuate employees from offices and departments.
  • Library Information and Technology Systems will take action to protect vulnerable areas in the library by covering those areas with plastic.  Those areas include but are not limited to the computers in the Learning Commons.  Specific direction and guidance will be furnished by Library Information Technology and Systems and all staff will be asked to contribute to securing the public areas.
  • Library aquariums will be OK for several days, even without power.


  • Stay tuned to the local news, UNCW Emergency Hotline, and the UNCW web site for the latest weather conditions and UNCW closing and opening information.
  • When UNCW officially reopens, report to work at the usual time unless notified differently by a supervisor.  Employees should refer to the Adverse Weather and Emergency Event Policy (PDF) page for guidance.


Only personnel on the essential personnel list, created by Human Resources, may re-enter campus prior for a detailed damage assessment and can only do this when directed by the Emergency Management Coordinator.  The recovery and restoration vendor on the University’s preferred vendor list will be contacted by the Emergency Management Coordinator if needed.  When allowed access:

  • Make sure your areas and equipment are dry.
  • Remove any plastic that was placed over areas/equipment during the hurricane warning period and return that to the storage area.
  • Make sure all power cords and power strips are plugged into their appropriate outlets and turn on power strips to printers, computers, and other equipment and power up.
  • Report any computer or other equipment problems to Library information Technology and Systems for their assessment.

*Note: if threatening conditions warrant on a weekend, necessary staff will be called into handle preparedness actions.

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