Photography & Filming

Photography and Filming Policy

Randall Library is a public space. Photography and filming (including videography) that do not interfere with library operations are generally permitted under the following conditions. The Library accepts no liability for the use of photos or film made in or around the facility. The library reserves the right to terminate or restrict photography and filming that, in its view, cause a disturbance, endanger the safety of employees or library users or violate any other University policy, local ordinance, or state or federal law.


Photography designed to record a visit or make use of the library setting as a backdrop is generally permitted. Individuals who take photographs or film are asked to honor requests not to be included in photos or film. The one exception would be those instances where it is required for a legitimate news story.  Photos of minors are prohibited without the permission of their parent or guardian.

Videography and Film:

All filming requests, including student filming requests, are to be directed to the UNCW Office of Risk Managment. The current contact is Vann Mitchell II, Risk Management,, 910-962-7481, Alderman Hall, Room 208. The office of Risk Management will work with the Randall Library Building Operations Manager on logistics including consideration of spaces and scheduling. Impromptu visits to scout Randall Library as a film location will be redirected to UNCW Risk Managment, Randall Library Building Operations Manager, or both.

Media Representatives:

Library employees will notify the Dean of the Library and Office of University Relations (910.962.3616) when news media are in the building.

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