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Collection Development Policy
Special Collections

The Special Collections area consists of several collections of books, manuscripts and other materials isolated from the open stack area of the Library and maintained for use in a protected area, thus assuring their availability and preservation.

Donations of books or monetary gifts are gratefully accepted, and actively solicited, by Special Collections staff. Unsolicited items donated will be added to the appropriate collection(s). Gifts to Special Collections that are outside of its collections scope will be evaluated in accordance with the library’s Gift Policy.

Major collections housed in Special Collections include:

SENC -- Southeast North Carolina Collection

Southeast North Carolina includes the following counties: New Hanover, Pender, Onslow, Bladen, Duplin, Brunswick, Columbus and Sampson. SENC collects material about these counties and material written by authors living in these counties. This includes books, periodicals, government documents, videos and music CDs.

Manuscript Collection

Private and/or public papers of individuals and businesses. Manuscript collections include letters, diaries, account books, financial records, art and literary manuscripts. Special emphasis is placed on collecting manuscript material from the SENC region or manuscript material from individuals with a SENC connection, but manuscripts on all topics are considered.

Special Book Collection

• All books published in the South, 1861 - 1865, i.e., Confederate imprints
• First editions of authors of consequence, i.e., Faulkner, Camus, Dos Passos, etc.
• Editions limited to fewer than 300 copies
• Books with fine colored plates or with fore edge paintings
• Examples of fine printing, especially the work of private presses, whose printing is generally
  outstanding and whose editions are usually small
• Miniatures, 10cm or less in height
• Portfolios of prints, old maps, deeds, etc.
• Expensive facsimile reprints of very rare books
• Extensive book collections on specific subjects

Rare Book Collection

• Any Incunabulum
• All books printed in Europe before 1800
• All books printed in the Americas before 1850
• Fragile materials if deemed appropriate.

Use of these materials for research/study purposes is actively encouraged by the Randall Library. Recommendations of faculty, students, and subject specialists are encouraged and solicited.

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