UNC System Students, Faculty & Staff

Borrowing from UNC Libraries

Take your UNCW OneCard to the Library Help Desk in the main library at one of the other UNC system libraries. Let the staff know that you want to borrow materials through the UNC Cooperative Library Agreement.. Show your UNCW OneCard and be prepared to log in to your UNCW library account in order to show that you are in good standing. If the library does not honor your UNCW OneCard, ask the staff member to call Randall Library at 910.962.3272 so your status can be verified. The borrowing policies of that library will apply to any items checked out to you.

UNC borrowers at Randall Library

UNC System students, faculty, or staff may borrow from UNCW's Randall library. To do so, a borrower will need to present a current home library picture ID card and/or additional information to verify your status. You may be asked to log in to your home library account to show that you are in good standing. After your status is verified, the Circulation staff member will walk you through the borrower registration process. Specific borrowing guidelines and more information is found in the UNC System Cooperative Library Agreement


Questions about this policy maybe addressed to rlcirculation@uncw.edu