Randall Library Advisory Board



The Randall Library Advisory Board at UNCW is a group of 16 engaged members representing a variety of stakeholder groups, including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, administration and the general community. The role of the board is to offer advice and feedback to the University Librarian and leadership on library services, spaces, resources and policies.  Members are expected to share insights into user behavior and communicate user needs to the Library as well as communicate to their constituent groups information about library resources and services and recommend approaches to increase the library‚Äôs engagement on campus and in the greater community.  Advisory Board members will also be additional advocates for Randall Library across campus and in the community.

The Randall Library Board will represent the views of all our stakeholders.  It will not replace nor duplicate the efforts of the University Faculty Senate Library and IT committee, which addresses faculty-specific needs.



Membership of the board will consist of:

  • Five students, including at least two undergraduates, one graduate student, one student employee, and one student tutor, ambassador or resident advisor
  • Five faculty, including at least one from each of the four colleges and two representing the College of Arts & Sciences
  • One representative from ITSD
  • Two representatives from Student Affairs and Business Affairs  
  • Four community members or alumni

Members will serve one-year appointments with the ability to serve no more than three consecutive terms. 



Dr. Antje Almeida                              Professor, Chemistry (CAS)                                  

Ms. Sayantani Dasgupta                  Asst. Professor, Creative Writing (CAS)

Ursula Ramsey                                Asst. Professor, Business Law (CSB)                            

Dr. Caitlin Ryan                                Assoc. Professor, Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, Literacy, and Special Education (WCE)                           

Dr. Alana Seaman                            Asst. Professor, Recreation, Sport Leadership & Tourism Management (CHHS)                              

Dr. Sharyne Miller                            Chief Information Officer

Mr. Will Wilkinson                             Director, University Learning Center



Cynthia Brown 

Dr. Jan. Davidson       

Brenda Pate                                              



Olivia Fario

Emma Claire Nielsen

Conor Sastre

Maggie Tyndall

Halie Walker                                              




The full board will meet two times per semester (four per academic year); board members may be asked on occasion to attend additional sessions with architects, consultants or others in order to gain user perspectives on specific issues.

Meeting Minutes