Request for Virtual Library Instruction


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Please complete the following form to request instruction. Once you have completed the form, a librarian will contact you within 72 hours.

Librarians from Randall Library can provide virtual information literacy instruction to UNCW classes. Examples of what we can provide include (but are not limited to):

  • Instruction - Asynchronous
    • Subject guides (examples)
    • Video tutorials (examples)
    • Canvas modules (examples)
    • Information literacy development activities/assignments
  • Instruction - Synchronous
    • Usually over Zoom
    • Can be a “traditional” 50-75 minute class length or a series of shorter topical sessions
    • Can be recorded for absent students
  • Student research support - Asynchronous
    • Email
    • Canvas inbox messaging
    • Canvas discussion board(s)
  • Student research support - Synchronous
  • Instructor teaching support
    • Collaborating on research assignment development
    • Assisting with stable links to library resources (ebooks, databases, articles, etc.)
    • Providing feedback/comments on student work, such as drafts.


If you have questions regarding instructional services for online/distance education courses, please contact the Associate Director of Academic Research and Engagement.


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Date of session
If you would like a synchronous virtual session, please provide at least two or three possible dates and times to schedule your session.  Requesting your sessions as early as possible provides a greater chance for you to get your ideal time.
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