Instruction Scheduling


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To effectively accommodate faculty, staff, and students we ask that you comply with the following Instructional Services policies and procedures. All scheduling is handled on a first-come, first-served basis and precedence is given to library instruction taught by UNCW librarians. Please see below for a complete explanation of scheduling priorities and scheduling guidelines:

  • Sessions should be scheduled at least 7 business days in advance.
  • Requests for instruction can be made by contacting the Associate Director of Academic Research and Engagement or by using the online request form.
  • Sessions scheduled in one of the Library Instruction Classrooms should be limited in size to 30 participants, due to the limited number of computer workstations. The librarian does have the option to schedule sessions in the teaching faculty's current classroom or classroom building's computer lab (depending on availability).
  • Please provide the following information in order to have a session scheduled: Your name and e-mail address; the course name, prefix, and number; the number of students in the class; the time of the class (e.g. 9:00 - 10:15 a.m.); three options for dates when you would like to bring your class in; a copy of the research assignment.
  • Please let us know at the time of scheduling if you have students with special needs (disabilities, etc.).
  • Please inform your students that they are expected to be on time.
  • Instructors are expected to attend instruction sessions and are asked to introduce the librarian leading the session.
  • All cell phones must be turned off.
  • Cancellation of a reservation should be made as soon as possible so that the classroom may be open for other sessions.
  • Sessions can only be scheduled when the library is open.
  • For information about using one of the Library Instruction Classrooms for purposes other than library or information literacy instruction please review our policy.
  • It is not possible for non-UNCW affiliated groups to request library instruction sessions or tours during peak library instruction periods and times, including September, October, February, & March.
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