Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboards, and Hoverboards

Bicycles and Electric Motor Scooters

  • Bicycles are not permitted inside the Library for any reason.
  • Electric Motor Scooters are permitted inside the library as long as they can be folded and stowed. 
  • Bicycles and electric motor scooters that impede pedestrian traffic, including access for the disabled, may be impounded by the UNCW Police Department in accordance with the UNCW Bicycle Policy

Skateboards, Hoverboards, Rollerskates and Rollerblades

  • Skateboarding, hoverboarding, rollerskating and rollerblading are not permitted inside the Library or around its perimeter.
  • Skateboards, hoverboards, rollerskates and rollerblades are permitted inside the Library but must be properly stowed away with personal belongings.
  • There are several skateboard racks located throughout the Library.
  • Library personnel reserve the right to ask skateboard, hoverboard, and rollerblade owners to properly stow their items to prevent injury. 
  • UNCW Skateboard Policy