Lobby / Vestibule

  • The 2 locked bulletin boards are designated for flyers and posters for campus-sanctioned events and programs
  • Materials posted on these boards are directly related to university-affiliated sponsored events/offices/prograns and are provided to us by the Campus Activities and Involvement Center (CAIC)
  • Posters from CAIC are delivered to the Circualtion Desk and posted by RL Facilities staff a few times a week during the spring and fall semesters, less often during the summer
  • Please contact CAIC if you have a poster or flyer you'd like to have posted
  • The free-standing bulletin board is available for use by any campus or community group and is routinely cleaned and maintained by Randall Library Staff

Outside / Portico

  • The 2 display cases on either side of Randall's main entrance are designated for library-use only


  • The sign holders in our public restrooms are currently designated for libray-use only and questions can be directed by email to our robinsoncl [at] (Outreach & Engagement Librarian)


  • All posters, flyers, coupons, and handbills that are posted on walls, doors, or placed on tables, will be removed and recylced or thrown away




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