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  • Records Management (RM) had a presence at UNCW's celebration of Love Data Week in February. Seventeen people attended the online session “Let’s Talk about Administrative Data: A Conversation about Archiving the Data in Your Office.” Slides are available here. What RM topics do you want to see addressed during next year's Love Data Week? The theme will be “My kind of data.”
  • Records and Information Management Month, April 2023 - University Archives held a total of 4 workshops–one on Zoom and 3 others around campus. There were 48 attendees altogether. Check out this handy Records Management Guide customized for UNCW.

News & Updates

  • Please continue to refer to the UNC System Records Schedule (2021). The Record Analysis Unit at the State Archives is currently short-staffed with only two analysts in Raleigh and two regional analysts.  Please send suggestions for schedule updates and revisions to University Archives for consideration by the State Archives.
  • Following the RM workshops this past spring, we in University Archives have had the opportunity to consult with several staff members at UNC Wilmington on records management questions. A valuable reminder: Adhering to the records schedule is a process! Making a plan, testing, and communicating with stakeholders and the public are components of a records management project. It is fine to build time into your projects to complete these steps as you move toward compliance.
  • Do you produce state publications? Examples are university and departmental magazines, books published by the university, the Atlantis and other creative magazines, strategic plans, exhibition catalogues, and more. NC General Statute 125-1A established a process for schools in the UNC system – as state agencies – to send 10 printed copies and/or a digital version to the State Publications Clearinghouse at the State Library of NC. Copies are then distributed to designated libraries throughout the state in addition to the Library of Congress. See guidelines on donating to the State Publications Clearinghouse. We continue to acquire these publications for University Archives as well.
  • I hear from you that video recordings of Zoom presentations on Records Management are appreciated. We will try to accommodate this request going forward.

RM Phrase of the Day

Capstone Approach to Email Archiving: The Capstone Approach is a method of email management that bases appraisal for long-term retention in the Archives on the account owner’s role or position rather than individual email content. This approach has benefits for a successful email archiving program.

Electronic Records Day and Archives Month

Electronic Records Day is observed in the United States every year on October 10, which can be expressed as 1010 in honor of binary code. October is National Archives Month. UNCW will help raise public awareness about archives throughout October.


Good luck on your Records Management projects and all your other endeavors this summer!


--University Archives


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Records and Information Management Month, April 2023


Tuesday, April 11, 2023
11:30am – 12:30pm
Randall Library 2042 (Special Collections Reading Room)

Thursday, April 13, 2023
10am – 11:15am 

Wednesday, April 19, 2023
10am – 11am Workshop
11am – 12pm Q & A and Activities 
Education Building 162

Tuesday, April 25, 2023
1pm - 2pm Workshop
2pm - 3pm Q & A and Activities
MG 1105 (Center for Marine Science Auditorium)

What is Records and Information Management Month?

  • Records and Information Management Month (RIMM) is celebrated internationally to highlight the importance of organizing and maintaining records and information.
  • A record is any document, paper, e-mail, picture, recording, video, or other material that can prove the transaction of business. 
  • UNCW workshops will introduce you to the Records Retention Schedule and offer tips on how to make it work for you.

Guide to UNCW Records Management

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Hot off the presses! Seahawk student newspaper became a monthly in 1958

The Seahawk, November 3, 1958The Seahawk released its first monthly issue on November 3, 1958, becoming Wilmington College's monthly student newspaper after a period of sporadic publication. The news organization promised to striveThe Seahawk, November 3, 1958--p 2 for this level of consistency in the future.

The first Seahawk newspaper was distributed in September 1948. The year 1958 was its reinvigoration, according to the 1959 Fledgling yearbook. A Publications Board, consisting of representatives from the administration, faculty, and student body, was established to support the Seahawk.

Today, the Seahawk is the online student news organization for the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW). In its historical all print form, The Seahawk was never a daily newspaper, although publication did reach twice a week at various times.

The Fledgling, 1959


Students launch Seahawk newspaper, September 27, 1948

First Issue of the Seahawk

On September 27, 1948, a group of college students published and distributed the inaugural edition of the Seahawk--a 4-page mimeographed newspaper. This was the first student publication for Wilmington College.

The charter staff members stressed the importance of the Seahawk as a current and future asset of Wilmington College:

“We are proud and honored to be able to have published this small paper as the first “SEAHAWK.” We are gratified to know that we have been the beginning of something which we believe will grow with time as Wilmington College grows. We have made a small beginning but nevertheless, have taken the first step.”

In 1969, Wilmington College became the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW).

The first Seahawk staff believed that the student newspaper would become an integral part of campus life with the continued support and excitement from faculty and students. In order to garner the support and participation of the student body, the staff “extend[ed] to the student body an invitation to criticize [their] endeavors and to flail [their] paper as trash if they so desire[d]. But…also an invitation to contribute something useful or something better.” In 1958 the Seahawk became a monthly publication.


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