Love Data Week 2024

For its third year, UNCW Randall Library and Research & Innovation will be co-presenting Love Data Week (February 12-16, 2024), an international celebration of data. A series of online workshops, panels, and spotlights about research data will be hosted throughout the week to build campus community and highlight various aspects of data. Recordings and recommended resources are available to access for UNCW’s Love Data Week 2023 and Love Data Week 2022.

This year’s theme, "My Kind of Data," highlights the various representations of “my data,” such as showcasing the work that goes into making data, recognizing data equity and inclusion factors for the people participating in or affected by data, and documenting the data standards from (inter)disciplinary communities. Data is personal. It can be created about anything, it can mean anything depending on the person, and it can be used for countless purposes depending on the individual need. Click here to view and register for this year's Love Data Week.