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    What is Retreat at Randall?

    The Retreat at Randall (RL 2016) is a sanctuary for quiet contemplation, reflection, meditation, prayer, stress relief, and gentle physical activities like stretching and yoga.

    Who can access the space?

    The space is open to students, faculty, or staff with a valid UNCW OneCard.

    What is inside the space?

    Amenities includes treadmill desks, a yoga area, cocooning chairs, floor cushions, and grounding kits, along with resources focused on mindfulness, wellness, and stress reduction.

    What are the guidelines for using the space?

    See the Space Use Guidelines for more information.

    Does the space offer mindfulness and wellness programming?

    The Retreat encourages engagement with mindfulness and wellness practices through various program opportunities. These include drawing, painting, bracelet making, puzzles, journaling, yoga, and collaborative art projects. Activities are carefully selected to foster mental and emotional regulation, allowing individuals to explore and engage in both active and passive programming. The Retreat offers various mindfulness and wellness programs each semester. Check the Events & Exhibits calendar for program opportunities.

    Why was the space created?

    The space created to be a hidden sanctuary for mindfulness and wellness practice inside the library to support the holistic success of students faculty and staff. The tranquil haven is dedicated to Anne Pemberton (1975-2021) a beloved librarian known for her unwavering support of student well-being and success. The space serves as a testament to Anne's vision and the university's dedication to supporting its community's comprehensive well-being. It invites students faculty and staff to pause, reflect, and rejuvenate, providing a foundation for success both within the university and beyond.

    It's not just a space; it's a statement—a reflection of Pemberton's belief that UNCW should nurture not only the academic prowess of its students but also their mental resilience. With a focus on mindfulness and wellness, the space is designed to assist students, faculty, and staff in their journey towards academic achievement and personal growth. May Anne's example inspire us all. The Retreat opened in January 2022.

    How was the space designed?

    The design philosophy behind the space incorporates elements of biophilic design, weaving natural materials such as sand, wood, and plants into the interior. This not only creates a visually calming atmosphere but also fosters a unique connection with nature, distinguishing The Retreat as a destination on campus for rejuvenation and relaxation.

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