Recharge at Randall

This semester we invite you to enjoy a variety of de-stress activities designed to help you unwind, take a breather, and simply have some fun amidst the final exam hustle. Join us for Recharge at Randall, May 1-3. Check out the list of event activities below! Don't miss this opportunity to unwind, recharge, and have a blast! Your well-being matters, and we've got the perfect mix to make your stress vanish.

MAY 1-3 | Recharge Coffee & Snacks Station 7 PM nightly

Enjoy hot beverages, snacks, and recharge to power through. Grab yours before supplies run out!

MAY 2 | De-stress Games & Activities 1-4 PM

Petting Pups with Paws4People 1-3 PM 

Unleash your stress as our furry friends from Paws4People are here to lend a paw! Take a break from the books, enjoy some canine companionship, and let the soothing presence of these therapy dogs melt away your anxiety.

Sweet Trolley 1:30 & 3:30 PM

Be on the lookout for the Sweet Trolley! Grab snacks, pencils, funny and motivational stickers, index cards, and more!

MAY 2 | Bonus Activities

Guided Visual Meditation w/ Light Stretching 12-12:30 PM (Retreat at Randall, 2016)

Escape information overload and chaos and take a tranquil journey with a guided visual meditation paired with gentle stretching for relaxation and rejuvenation. Space is limited. Don't miss out! Register now!

Beat Saber Tournament 4-6 PM (Digital Markerspace, 1st Floor)

Immerse yourself in a thrilling virtual reality experience, swinging through energetic beats in competition. Open to all skill levels, join us for a chance to destress and have a blast with friends. Mark your calendars and get ready to slice your way to victory!

SPONSORS | Randall Library, Student Government Association, Academic Affairs, Aramark, Paws4people