Wentworth Student Travel Fellowship Poster Session

The Wentworth Travel Fellowship, a gift of Mr. Charles F. Green III, was established in 2001 to enable a select number of students to travel to sites, in America or abroad, associated with literary authors and texts.

Each year, students work with faculty sponsors to submit applications detailing journeys inspired by and connected with a specific text, author, or movement in an effort to explore the relationship of artistic production to geographic space.

Most of these trips will take place during holiday break, spring break, or over the summer and must be completed prior to the student's graduation. In the past, Wentworth Fellows have traveled to places as diverse as Beijing, Moscow, Oxford, Berlin, Prince Edward Island, and Providence, Rhode Island. There are no restrictions (except for those put in place by the State Department) on where a student can go on a Wentworth Travel Fellowship.

Learn more about the fellowship here.


This year's Fellows are:

  •     Savannah Jones, who traveled to Bath and Steventon, England to study Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
  •     Sophie Foster, who went to Elkhead, Colorado to study Dorothy Wickenden
  •     Heather Tripp, who went to London and the Lake District to study Beatrix Potter
  •     Abbey Piner, who traveled to London, Oxford and Liverpool to study Lewis Carroll and John Cannon