Retreat at Randall

Retreat at Randall interior space with the words Now Open

We welcome the UNCW community to unwind and destress in our new wellness space, Retreat at Randall.

Retreat at Randall (RL 2016) is intended for quiet contemplation, reflection, meditation, mindfulness, prayer, stress relief, silent games, stretching, and yoga. It is open to students, faculty, or staff with a valid UNCW OneCard. 
Please see the Space Use Guidelines for more information.

Portrait of Anne PembertonRetreat at Randall is dedicated to our colleague Anne Pemberton (1975-2021) for her commitment to student success and well-being. May her example continue to inspire us.






This looks like a peaceful, relaxing space and I couldn't think of a better tribute to Anne.  ~Tami Mansur

This is wonderful.  Anne would love this.

Beautiful space honoring a beloved and missed colleague and friend. Anne would love this! Thanks to all who had a hand in putting it together. 

~Lisa Coats

What a wonderful idea!  Everyone can use a place for quiet and reflection.