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  • Posted: March 14, 2015
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  • Posted: March 05, 2015
    4000 Years of Choice Randall Library Exhibit

    A new exhibit sponsored by Randall Library and the Women's Study and Resource Center celebrates Women's History Month!

    "4,000 Years for Choice"* is a global story of women's reproductive empowerment, wisdom, and efforts to prevent and end pregnancy across centuries. These posters present abortion and contraception as part of our grand human history. Contained within them are stories about abortifacient plants and herbs, including artemisia, pennyroyal, aloe vera, and Queen Anne's lace, early contraceptive technologies, such as diaphragms, IUDs, and cervical caps, and commentary from historical features about reproductive control, including Plato, Socrates, Casanova, Emma Goldman, and Margaret Sanger.

    History tells us that women have been making responsible decisions about pregnancy for thousands of years.

    Throughout its existence the pro-life movement has successfully relied on images of the fetus to communicate its message. Pro-choice feminists responded in the 1970s with the equally provocative wire coat hanger, symbolizing the dangers of the pre-Roe v Wade era. As a more positive alternative, artist Heather Ault has turned to life-affirming images that recall ancient reproductive practices and the proud legacy of generations committed to healthy lives for women and their families.

    With good reason, feminists have been using battle-related images and words, such as struggle, fight, and defend for decades. Pro-choice leaders on the national stage have used language designed for winning legislative political battles. Positive words such as celebrate, love, honor, and respect contribute to the creation of a tone of support and solidarity.

    Sharing stories from history about reproductive choices, in all of their complexities, rarely plays a part in the public conversation. Ault's images have the ability to inspire creativity, curiosity, and conversation, as well as expand the visual vocabulary for reproductive rights.

    Heather Ault is an artist, designer, and activist living in Madison, Wisconsin. For more information about these projects and upcoming exhibitions, or to purchase artwork, visit www.4000yearsforchoice.com. She will be on campus March 18, 2015. For more information about Heather's visit and for a complete list of campus events for Women's History Month, click here.

    *Any views or opinions presented in this exhibit are solely those of the artist and do not represent those of the university.

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  • Posted: February 23, 2015

    University Archives in collaboration with the Honors College at UNCW, present an exhibit on the history of Honors at UNCW.

    Honors College celebrates two anniversaries this year! 50 years of Departmental Honors and 20 years of the Honors Scholars Program. With materials from the Honors College and University Archives documents and artifacts, the exhibit traces the a history from Departmental Honors to the Honors Scholars Program to the Honors College of today. 

    The exhibit showcases major milestones in the history of Honors, displaying the first thesis, completed in 1965 by Phyllis Boyles; a photo of the first graduate of the 4-year program, Nicholas Allen; and a program from the 2011 dedication of the Honors College. The exhibit also illuminates the wide variety of activities and opportunities the Honors College has sponsored over the years, including research conferences and journals, honors student trips, an award-winning newsletter, and other publications. The exhibit also highlights a few honors students who are now current faculty members, such as Dr. Tom Lankford and Dr. Julian Keith. 

    The exhibit will be on display throughout the spring semester. For more on the Honors College’s anniversaries, visit their website by clicking here. 
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  • Posted: February 19, 2015
    Your Ideas Needed

    We would like to hear your ideas on how we could improve or expand our building! The Library is developing a concept paper that outlines a vision for modifications within the existing Library facility and a renovated and expanded Library facility and your input is needed.


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  • Posted: February 17, 2015

    The judges have made decisions in our first ever Flash Nonfiction contest! We broke submission records this year, collecting close to 30 entries.

    University Librarian Sarah B. Watstein and Creative Writing Faculty member Virginia Holman made the following decisions:

    First place - Bridget Callahan, "Parking at the Library"

    Second place - Beth Roddy, "My Library Circulation History"

    Third place - Liz Granger, "The Oldest Mzungu in Uganda"


    Honorable Mentions go:

    Lydia Buchanan; Megan Ellis; Peter Kusnic; Martha Lundin; John McShea; Jamie Lynn Miller; James Nagy; Katie O'Reilly; Katie Prince; and Megan Young

    Congratulations! All 13 stories will be included in this year's anthology.

    This year's theme was Library. In this day and age, libraries are more important than ever; not just as a repository for collections but as a beacon of learning, research, study, collaboration, and community

    Please join us on Wednesday, April 15 at 6 pm for a reading/reception/book party





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  • Posted: January 28, 2015
    Flash NONFICTION 2015 - Theme Announcement

    The News

    The really big announcement this year is that our annual Flash Contest has switched from fiction to nonficiton! We want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth ...

    The Theme

    The theme this year is simple: Library.

    In this day and age, libraries are more important than ever; not just as a repository for collections but as a beacon of learning, research, study, collaboration, and community. 


    In 500 words or less, tell us your best "library" story. How has a library made a difference in your life? What significant event happened to you in a library? 

    Be creative and have fun.

    Top three winners receive a CASH PRIZE and the top 15 selections will be included in our annual collection, published by the UNCW Publishing Laboratory.

    First prize - $200.00; Second prize - $150.00; Third prize - $100.00

    Contest Rules:
    *If any of these rules are not followed your story will be automatically disqualified.

    • Must be a UNCW student, currently enrolled.
    • 500 words or less.
    • Must include theme (LIBRARY).
    • Double spaced.
    • 12 pt., Times New Roman.
    • 1 inch margins on all sides.
    • Use one tab to indicate every paragraph indent.
    • Stories due by Wednesday, February 11th at 5 pm.
    • Four (4) hard copies delivered to the Randall Library Circulation Desk.  Note:  The circulation desk is ONLY a drop- off point.  No information about the contest will be available from Circulation Staff.
    • Each copy MUST have a cover sheet with name, phone, and 850 number. DO NOT include name on actual story.
    • One story per student

    If your Story is selected, the following regulations must be adhered to:

    • An emailed .doc version of your story. DO NOT save as .docx.
    • Section breaks should be notated by (***).
    • Turn off all auto-formatting features (such as automatic paragraph indenting, outlining, bullet points).
    • Enter only one space after terminal punctuation. If you used two spaces, search/replace to update your file.
    • For dashes, use em-dash character (shift, option, hyphen), with no space on either side, or use two hyphens, and we’ll search and replace the em dash during typesetting.
    • For any special characters or glyphs, such as trademark symbols, accents, or irregular punctuation, please note them by highlighting them in yellow with MS Word's "text highlight color" feature.
    • If you'd like to include a special character or a glyph but you don't know how to set it, please submit a hardcopy of your story with specific instructions for the placement and type of special character to be inserted.
    • Files should be saved as follows: lastname_firstname.doc.

    NOTE: Edits and revisions will NOT be allowed after submissions, nor will the publisher have time to check your work. Take care that your piece is fully edited and perfected before submitting.

    NOTE: If your story is selected for publication, you will be required to sign the following release: Release for Use of Student Work (http://library.uncw.edu/uploads/pdfs/FlashFictionStudentRelease2012.pdf)


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  • Posted: December 04, 2014
    Queering the YA

    Join two award-winning Young Adult authors, a literary agent, and a UNCW professor of literature for a discussion about LGBTQ-themed books for young adults.  Topics include:

    Why are LGBTQ themes important in YA books?
    How are LGBTQ books for young adults marketed?
    How can students join the conversation?

    Panelists:  May-lee Chai (UNCW Department of Creative Writing), Nina deGramont (UNCW Department of Creative Writing), Katie Peel (UNCW Department of English/Director of the Women's Studies & Resource Center) and Christopher Rhodes (James Fitzgerald Literary Agency, NYC)


    6-8 p.m. Tuesday, March 24, 2015
    Randall Library, Sherman Hayes Gallery*

    Sponsored by UNCW, the LGBTQIA Resource Office, the Department of Creative Writing, Randall Library, and the Women's Studies & Resource Center.

    *Accommodations for disabilities may be requested by contacting Christopher Rhodes, 910-962-7474 or rhodesc [at] uncw.edu at least 5 days prior to the event. UNCW is an EEO/AA institution.

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  • Posted: November 19, 2014
    Mike McIntyre Donates Papers

    Congressman Mike McIntyre, North Carolina's Seventh District Representative, continues his longstanding support of the University of North Carolina Wilmington and the region through a donation of his congressional papers to the William Madison Randall Library Special Collections, the University announced on November 10, 2014.

    Since his election in 1996, Rep. McIntyre's dedication and leadership have played an integral role in securing significant federal funding on behalf of UNCW. During his tenure in Congress, UNCW has received over one hundred million dollars in federal grants and contracts, supporting multiple initiatives across campus including the construction of UNCW's MARBIONC facility in CREST Research Park; the Coastal Ocean Research and Monitoring Program; assistive technology in the Watson College of Education; distance education capabilities and community health outreach in the School of Nursing; and Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention programs.

    "It is a great honor and privilege to be able to donate my Congressional Collection to this esteemed university, located in the heart of Southeastern North Carolina, where our energy and efforts have been focused over the course of my 18 years in Congress,” said Congressman McIntyre. “This Congressional collection is a living history of the events that shaped our lives in Southeastern North Carolina over the past two decades, and it serves as a testament to the indelible partnerships we have been blessed to create with the people of the 7th district."

    The donated documents span McIntyre's nine Congressional terms. The collection will also contain photographs, oral histories, artifacts, congressional awards and recognitions and will allow students, faculty, staff and other researchers to better understand the legislative process and North Carolina's history.

    These documents will undergo archival processing and be made available to the public for research purposes. McIntyre has also made a gift to Randall Library to offset the anticipated cost of archival processing. The collection will not be available until late 2015.

    "Congressman McIntyre's generous contribution will be a great point of pride in Randall Library's Special Collections and will be a significant source of research material for UNCW's students, faculty, staff and the Wilmington community for years to come," said Sarah Watstein, UNCW librarian.

    Throughout his tenure, McIntyre has been a leader on coastal, veterans, senior citizens, and law enforcement issues, and has been an advocate for improved health care and education. He is a senior member of the House Agriculture Committee and the House Armed Services Committee, and has won multiple awards and received honors on international, national, regional, and state levels for his leadership and innovation. In 2004, UNCW bestowed Rep. McIntyre with an honorary Doctor of Laws degree.

    Randall Library Special Collections contains rare books, manuscripts, and other materials that have special historical significance for the Lower Cape Fear Region, including the North Carolina Coastal Federation manuscript collection and papers of Congressman Alton Lennon.

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  • Posted: November 10, 2014

    Learn how to use EndNote Basic, a free online tool for organizing and managing all of your citations. Used in conjunction with databases available from Randall Library and Microsoft Word, EndNote Basic allows you to create bibliographies, in-text citations and reference lists in most citation formats with just a few clicks. From discovery to production, EndNote Basic will help you organize, manage and format your references with ease. EndNote Basic is especially useful for honors students, DIS students, and graduate students working on research projects that require a literature review. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own laptop if they have one.

    Location: RL 1022


    November 11 12pm - 1pm

    November 11 5:30pm - 6:30pm

    November 19 5:30pm - 6:30pm

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  • Posted: November 06, 2014
    Recharge at Randall - Massages and Food for Students During Finals

    Recharge @ Randall - Monday, December 8, beginning at 7 pm

    Randall Library knows that final exams can be stressful, so we invite you to take a study break and recharge!

    All UNCW students are welcome to join us Monday evening on December 8th for two events designed to relieve stress and provide much-needed rejuvenation at this busy time of year.

    7 pm-8:45 pm in RL 1022 – College of Wilmington massage therapists will offer free 15-minute chair massages to students.  Sign up in person beginning at 6:45 pm to secure a slot!

    9pm on the first floor of Randall Library – Let us treat you to bagels, granola bars, cheese, fresh fruit, juice and coffee to help you power through your final exams.  Refreshments available while supplies last.

    Recharge @ Randall is made possible by Academic Affairs, Business Affairs, the Counseling Center, Health Promotion, Port City Java, Randall Library, and Student Affairs.

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